There’s a lot of talk about exploring lately. People are exploring their sexuality, exploring their limits, trying out new things, and generally, by the sound of it, having a major blast.

However, not all of us are ready to jump into bed with that hot stranger we met at the club or casually arrange a foursome just to see how it feels to be the center of attention of so many people. So, what is the lot of us supposed to do?

Here’s one option — sexting. A random sex chat or a steamy chat with your partner can really do a lot for you.

The security blanket of casual hookups

Those who can’t do, teach; and those who feel unsafe in a specific sexual environment but want to give exploring a go anyway — sext. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful, we know. But with modern technology making it simultaneously both easier and harder to connect with people, sexting is the new security blanket of casual sex.

What does sext mean?

Come on, we don’t really have to explain this, do we? Sexting is an act of sending or exchanging (there’s a big difference here; for those who don’t know it, remember — consent is crucial) sexual messages.

Erotically charged, sexting is an excellent outlet for pent-up sexual energy. It’s also a fantastic way to flirt, without taking on any of the risks that are usually connected with casual sex. What’s more, sexting, when consensual and done right, is fun and boosts self-esteem. Why? Because while sexting, role-playing kind of comes natural — you can be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, and be as successful at it as you’d like. Sounds like a dream, right?

Sexting as foreplay

When it comes to finding sexual partners, we are all concerned with performance. Be it ours or theirs, we all dread awful sex. Sexting is a great way to check if you and your potential future partner are compatible — if you like the same things, have the same kinks, and if you’d generally be able to satisfy one another. However, there’s another, more significant advantage to sexting.

Snatch your own pleasure

When you sext, you actually can’t see the other person. You write about things you’d do or things you’d want the other person to do to you, but you are basically on your own. Which means your focus can be solely on your own pleasure. That might sound selfish, but let’s be honest — we all need to be selfish. Girls sexting their partners can also be a clever tactic — a way to give a not so subtle nudge in the right direction, right?

The art of sexting — what to say when sexting

The beauty of sexting is that you can say whatever you want. It might not have the same effect on your partner as it does on you, but, hey — no harm, no foul. Maybe the other person isn’t into the same stuff, but at least you’re not naked in front of them when you discover that.

However, although it’s entirely possible that you aren’t into what the other person is firing away via text messaging, you might be interested in giving it a go. Sexting is the perfect way to test your own boundaries without ending up hurt. It’s a way to test the waters, so to say. After all, who can definitively say what they like and what they don’t?

Explore all fantasies

Sometimes sexting is a perfect way to try out fantasies that we would never consider in real life — out of fear or embarrassment. Interested in BDSM but don’t know how to ask your partner if they would like bondage? Try sexting. Want to play out your medieval fantasy with princesses and dragons? Find a partner and sext away. Bored but have no time to play hooky in real life? Grab that phone!

Of course, you aren’t always the initiator of sexting. Your partner can also share a fantasy with you, and you can either jump on that ship to try it out or politely decline. Because it lacks face-to-face contact (or skin-to-skin for that matter), sexting is somewhat safe. There’s less pressure, less potential embarrassment, and more security. If you don’t like it, you can promptly leave.

Let’s talk about it

The most important of all sexting tips is to communicate. Good sexting messages will always please both parties. So, you should always talk about boundaries with your partner.

What’s more, because it’s a form of sexual exploration, sexting builds intimacy. It can bring you closer to your partner while boosting your confidence. One might say that intimacy is paradoxical. And it is. You’re getting closer to a person from the comfort and safety of your own room. But, intimacy is also undeniable. It builds and builds until you find yourself sharing filthy and kinky thoughts, ideas, and plans with the other person, finding the trust between you indisputable.

Sexual empowerment through sexting

A lot of young girls turn to sexting as a form of flirting or exploring. Sexting is an ideal way to get your feet in the water, without actually getting wet. However, the empowerment also stems from the equality behind texting.

Safe and consensual sexting always includes a give-and-take. It’s kind of like role-playing — both partners have an equally important role and participate in equal measure. What’s more, partners can also participate only in the manner that fits them, thus allowing themselves to give only as much as they are ready to give.

If our partner breaches our limits, we can always pull back or sway the storytelling in another direction. That isn’t easy to do when you’re talking face-to-face or having actual sex. That’s why sext chat with strangers is much safer and much more empowering than casual sex.

Sext away, but remember — stay safe

Sexting is a game of imagination. If you’re wondering how to get a girl wet with sexting, just let your imagination run wild. But, remember — consent is vital, and sexting should always stay between the interested parties.