Do you have a fantasy replaying in your head, but you’ve never gotten the chance to actually play it out? Would you love to explore a kink, but aren’t sure your partner would be okay with it? Well, joining a fun and flirty roleplay chat can fix all your woos and make your sex dreams come true.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, the world of roleplay sexting can seem overwhelming. So to help you get your freak on and fulfill all your deepest and darkest fantasies, here’s what you need to know about sexual roleplay.

What Exactly Is a Roleplay Chat?

Let’s break down what a roleplay chat is real quick. Essentially, when you’re roleplay sexting, you are sending explicit and raunchy texts to one or more people (with their consent, of course). The main goal of a roleplay chat is to get you off and help you act out a sexual fantasy.

The best thing about this type of chat is that the only limit is your imagination. Once you find a partner and set a scenario, there are (almost) no rules to what you can and can’t do.

Of course, you can talk with strangers in online chatrooms or get your partner involved to spice things up.

Different types of sexual roleplay

Roleplay chatrooms are pretty inclusive and almost all of them have a come one, come all sort of vibe. With that said, before you commit to joining any chat, you should think about what gets your engines going.

Real-life roleplay chats

Real-life chats are pretty popular and you can almost always find someone who wants to join in. In a real-life chat, you, or the person you’re chatting with, set a scenario that can happen in reality.

For example, maybe you have the hots for your boss and want to play out possible scenarios with a perfect stranger. If you can’t get your real boss to bend you over the table and have their way with you, a sexting partner might.

You could also be a student trying to seduce his or her teacher, or a doctor trying to get a nurse into bed. Again, the possibilities here are almost endless and only the sky’s the limit.

Fantasy chats

Fantasy chats are theme-oriented sexting sessions that can encompass a wide variety of situations. Before you start, you and your partner have to set roles, desires, and maybe even destinations.

You could also enter a specific theme-oriented chat for people who want to play out their Witcher fantasies. What’s more, you could stumble upon a chat for Zelda lovers who were always wondering what Link’s got under that tunic.

Either way, whichever chat you decide to join, the rules are clear — don’t go off-topic. If you’re in a Super Mario fantasy roleplay chat, you can’t just change scripts and start talking about how desperately you want to do your professor.

Anime roleplay chats

Anime chats are also pretty popular and they’re sort of a subcategory of fantasy chats. They can include all sorts of different anime and cartoon genres, including fantasy and non-fiction.

So if you’ve ever had the hots for Kira from Death Note, you can go online and find a chatroom with a Death Note theme. Again, if you and your sexting buddy have assigned roles and one of you is L and the other is Kira, always stay in character. Nothing can kill the mood like abruptly switching topics and mixing up genres.

Magical roleplay chats

Another type of sexual roleplay chats are the magical ones, which also include a whole bunch of different categories and scenarios. You can use various movies and TV shows as your inspiration, or just your imagination to set a scene.

Maybe you’ve always dreamt of getting it on with Arwen from Lord of the Rings. On the other hand, you might’ve wanted to play out a freaky Harry Potter fantasy ever since you were a teen. In a magical roleplay chat, you can be pretty much anyone you want.

How to roleplay sex — essential erotic roleplay tips

1. Never break character

The first and most important rule of a roleplay chat is to always stay in character, no matter what. Remember, just like you’re there to make a fantasy come true, so is the person you’re chatting with.

You can’t be engaging in sexual roleplay with Crowley, an angel who did not so much fall, as saunter vaguely downwards from Good Omens and halfway through start talking about how mad you are at your neighbor.

2. Choose a theme

The best way to set a theme for you and your roleplay sexting buddy is to talk about something you know. For example, if you’re in a Naruto anime chat, make sure you’re familiar with the characters and their personalities.

3. Don’t pile on the pics

The whole point of a roleplay chat is to come up with interesting scenarios and write about your fantasies. While nudes and selfies can certainly sometimes help the cause, you don’t want to go overboard. In fact, some online chatrooms don’t even allow you to send pics.

4. Respect the rules

If it’s your first time chatting with someone and you’re uncomfortable doing (or writing) some things, let them know. Set the rules of your sexual roleplay beforehand and ask them if there’s something they don’t enjoy. Once the chat starts, be creative and imaginative, but respect each other’s boundaries.

5. Relax and enjoy yourself

Last but not least, just go with the flow. The whole point of a roleplay chat is for you to let loose and have fun. Remember, a fantasy stays a fantasy, and there’s no reason why a roleplay chat should negatively affect your sex life.

Final thoughts

Learning the ins and outs of how to sex rp can seem challenging at first, given how many different chats you can join and text in. But don’t worry, the entire sexual roleplay chat community is pretty accepting and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.