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There's nothing better than a free chat room for making friends.

A free general chat room is a great place to hang out. Whether you're looking for new friends or a new relationship you're bound to find it here. With so many people here, there are a lot of great personalities.

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When you enter a free general chat room you never know what you'll find – other than a good time. This is because there's no set topic, so there's no knowing for sure who will be online or what they'll even be chatting about. The only thing you know is that they're in there having fun and once you join up with them you'll start having fun too.

While there is such a thing as dating chat rooms this isn't what group chat rooms are all about. Of course, you can find a relationship here just like you can find anywhere but this isn't the theme of these rooms. Instead, these rooms exist for people who just want to have a good time and make a few friends along the way.

Friends are the spice of life and the spice of these general chat rooms exists in the various types of conversations you can enjoy. The topics of these conversations are always changing. These chat rooms are always hopping so you'll never be bored. This is why so many people really enjoy coming into one of these rooms instead of going out to the bar or the nightclub. In this way they offer you a great opportunity to try something new and find something different, that's both enjoyable and fun for you when you want to stay home for a night. So, stop reading this and come into the chat room to see who's online chatting now and what they're chatting about.

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