Cybersex is just as colorful and dynamic, pleasurable and fulfilling as “real” sex. In fact, cybersex might be even more liberating. Sex chats brought about another dimension of freedom when it comes to sexual expression. Thanks to the anonymity they offer, we can let go of our narrow views or prejudices and seek out those things we really want. Thankfully, there are a lot of different online sex chats. Thus, there are a lot of sex chatters out there who will help us explore and satisfy our needs.

What type of sex chatter are you?

When it comes to adult random chat websites, there are plenty of choices. You can find everything, from vanilla to kinky chat rooms, roleplay chat rooms, and much more.

Vanilla newbie chatters

Most first-time online adult chat visitors start as vanilla newbies (unless they know what they are looking for). Vanilla newbies are beginners who don’t know the ropes of sex chatting yet. They might need time before they jump into the deeper, kinkier end of the pool. More often than not, these chatters stick to vanilla sex chat because they are scared to say something wrong. They might also be scared to participate in a large group that’s talking about stuff they never tried or even imagined.

Vanilla veteran chatters

There’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex. Not everyone has to be super kinky and into ropes and pain play. Some people just want to get their rocks off to simple boy-girl, penis-vagina sex chat play. They don’t consider this to be a segway into kinkier sex. Vanilla veterans are those chatters who have been around the sex chat block a few times, know what they are doing, and know what they enjoy.

Kinky chatters

Kinky chat rooms are a true kaleidoscope of fetishes and kinks. But kinky sex chatters love particular things and will always go for sex chat partner(s) who enjoy the same. There’s no kink-shaming here, and people will welcome you even if you’re a newbie. However, it’s best if you’re already acquainted with the particular fetish or kink.

Kinky chatters include BDSM, D/s, hardcore sex chatters, voyeurs, and exhibitionists, to name a few. People who are into descriptive bondage chatting, or gang bangs, group sex, waterworks, impact play, etc. will find likeminded people to chat within kinky chat rooms. Remember, it doesn’t matter how niche your fetish is, you’ll find someone to chat with if you look hard enough.

If you’re a kinky chatter, you’re probably well-versed in the rules of a kinky sex chat. Of course, everything has to be safe, sane, and consensual, but kinky chats often require chatters to have defined roles and stick to them. That’s why it’s crucial that you enjoy a specific fetish. Exploring is fine, of course, and the beauty of a group sex chat is that you can pull out at any time. However, if you’re a first-time explorer, make sure you respect people’s boundaries, kinks, tastes, and don’t step on any toes.

Roleplay chatters

Roleplay chat rooms sometimes overlap with kinky chat rooms, because they cover a lot of the same ground. However, you’ll also find that many roleplay chatters aren’t that kinky at all; they just enjoy specific scenarios. Some of the most common ones are Doctor/Nurse, Nurse/Patient, Professor/Student, Housewife/Repairman, Librarian/Student or Reader, etc.

With roleplay chatters, it’s all about the story and sticking to the original scenario. Therefore, staying in character is vital — otherwise, it ruins the game.

Visual chatters

Visual chatters don’t like to type and are firm believers in the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Therefore, they mostly stick to exchanging pics and videos. If you find typing out your fantasies a bit too awkward or time-consuming, then visual chatting might be right for you. Furthermore, you might also want to consider the audio chatting so you can say what’s on your mind rather than type it out.

Video chats aren’t that uncommon in sex chat rooms because they are the perfect way to satisfy both your partner(s) and your exhibition kink. Now, these types of chatters usually don’t mind the side effects like relinquishing the protection of anonymity. However, if you’re a first-time sex chatter, that’s something that you should consider. Video sex chats can still be anonymous, but you’ll have to be more careful not to reveal too much (and we aren’t talking about your nasty bits here).

Gay chatters

Thanks to sexual liberation, finding free gay chat rooms is no longer difficult. In fact, while gay chat online was once a way for gay people to enjoy something that was “forbidden,” today, gay chats offer a lot of options. Much like chat rooms for straight people, gay chat rooms are full of chatters who like specific things.

Thus, you’ll find daddies, bears, twinks, jocks, wolf, etc. These descriptive terms may seem offensive and quite objectifying, but, hey, you’re in a sex chat room, what did you expect? After all, people love what they love, and sex chat rooms cater to all. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a twink or a bear (or if you’d like to pretend you are). You’ll find a suitable chat room either way.

But what if you’re a gay chatter who loves roleplay or is kinky as all hell? You’ll be happy to know that gay sex chat platforms have specific rooms for that, as well. So, don’t give up on sex chats if you can’t find a Househusband/Handyman room on a particular platform. Just look for gay chat rooms.

Lesbian chatters

Instead of being mashed together, gay sex chatters like to categorize. That’s why lesbian chatters have their own separate rooms or platforms. This seems highly logical, as gay men and gay women often don’t share a lot of sexual interests.

Lesbian sex chatters, much like the gay ones, also have specific categories. If you don’t know which one you fall under, don’t worry — you can always pretend. Free lesbian chat rooms include lesbian sex chatters who like lipstick lesbians, butch and diesel dykes, soft butches, gold star lesbians, etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran lesbian, a hasbian that’s looking to revisit her college glory days, or a baby queer that’s peeking out of the closet, lesbian sex chatters will make you feel welcome and hot.

A few parting words

If you’re still unsure what type of a sex chatter you are, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of space to explore your kinks and interests on one of many sex chat platforms. Happy hunting!