Naughty emoji symbols can really help you say everything you need with a few clicks. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And while it might be charming to wax poetic and string words like there’s no tomorrow, the best sexting tip for beginners is to use what the benevolent gods of modern technology gave us — emojis. Say it with a few emojis instead of laboring over a lengthy paragraph that probably won’t get your message across as effectively as an image will.

How to sext with emojis

If you’re worried about how to get a girl wet over text or how to get a guy achingly hard, have no fear. Sexting is a lot easier than it used to be. Gone are the days of trying to fashion a phallic symbol out of brackets and equal signs — if you even remember those times. Today, a steamy message that will leave your sexting partner all hot and bothered mostly contains naughty emoji symbols.

Sexting with emojis for beginners

Whether you’re chatting with a long term partner, a new crush, or in an online random chat with strangers, spicing things up can seem like a daunting task. What do you say? How do you entice your partner or partners without going into too many details? Well, emojis, of course.

Sexting is a fast-paced activity. There’s no time for typing message after message. As the famous meme says, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Sexting with emojis leaves a lot of room for imagination, while also being a pretty straightforward means of communication. Great news for those of us who stumble with words — emojis will save our butts, literally.

Emoji sexting tricks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know very well that an eggplant emoji (?) has nothing to do with displaying your love for the purple vegetable. You probably also have an inkling that a taco emoji (?) and a peach emoji (?) have little to do with food.

Let’s be honest, none of us are such foodies. However, most of us do get excited by dirty messages and double entendres.

But, sexting is so much more than using the same three genital-like emojis on repeat. Express yourself, spice things up — make a naughty combo with all the emojis at your disposal. After all, there’s a good reason why smartphone companies began making emojis with double meanings readily available. There’s also a good reason why they’ll never stop — they give the people what they like, and so should you.

The naughtiest emojis

The naughtiest emojis are a well-known bunch of emojis that will get everyone’s blood pumping as soon as they see them. When you get an eggplant emoji, followed by the famous three water drops (??), you don’t really need a play-by-play of what the person on the other side is trying to tell you, right?

The basics of sexting with emojis

The eggplant (?), the taco (?), the peach (?), and the water drops ( ?) are the most popular naughty emojis. This bunch got the ball rolling, and made sexting and booty calls that much easier. The beauty of most emojis that fall into the naughty category is that they are versatile. Each food group can be used for a multitude of purposes. They cater to various preferences as well — a peach (?) can be a booty, but it can also be a bottom. While looking for the perfect gay sexting emoji, eggplants (?) and peaches (?) come in handy.

If you want to keep your sexting simple, stick to the basics. The tongue (?) and taco emoji (?) paint a pretty clear picture, right?

But, here’s another advantage of emojis — they leave room for interpretation. Let’s say you have a preference when it comes to dirty talk. We all have them — some of us prefer babe to baby, licking to munching, etc. With emojis, your message will come across quite clearly, but it’s up to your partner to interpret the exact meaning. That leaves little room for turn-offs (there’s nothing worse than hearing the word “shaft” while trying to get your freak on.

Aside from the mighty threesome (? ? ?), naughty emojis also include the infamous double hands (?), because what better way to say “I want to get my hands on you” than with that image?

Some classic naughty emojis, like the fingering emoji (? ?), the booty call (? ?) or booty smack emoji (? ✋), are combinations of several emojis. Sure, sexting is a titillating game of a few words, but you can’t just send one emoji and be done with it. Play the field, explore the emoji screen, and get your partner on board (if they aren’t already).

Best combos — not with a fizzle but with a bang

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Emoji sexting ideas are galore. People are prone to perceiving the most common objects and images as dirty. Eggplant (?) as a penis isn’t such a huge leap after all. While the banana emoji (?) will always be naughty, no matter how you look at it, some innocent emojis can convey the most delicious, dirty messages across when combined.

? ?

Try sending your sexting partner a chicken emoji and the diamond ring emoji and see what happens (spoiler alert, it won’t be an engagement!).

?? ?

Or, combine the eggplant emoji, the water drops, and the sweating face emoji to further explain just what type of games you’re into — and how you like to finish them.

Here are a few more amazing combos to spice up those late-night conversations.

? ?️ ? when you want to get your point across clearly

? ? ? when you want to dip into that honeypot

? ? ? ? ideal for tops and bottoms

If you feel as though emojis alone can’t convey everything you want to say, just remember — smart sexting scored this guy eight different dates on Tinder.

If you enjoy it, so will your partner

The most important thing about sexting is that all parties enjoy it. So don’t sweat too much over what emojis or combinations of emojis you should use. If you spend too much time thinking about which overly complicated combo you should use, you’ll suck the fun right out of sexting.

Be creative, imaginative, and keep an open mind, but don’t overbear your sexting partner with a string of fifteen different emojis that tell a story not even you can decipher. So relax, and enjoy!