One of the trickiest things about lesbian sex is buying the right toys. Having a partner with no protruding organs means you’ll miss out on certain orgasms, unless you buy lesbian sex toys.

But with the variety of lesbian sex toys out there, finding the right ones you and your partner will love can be challenging. We listed the 14 lesbian sex toys you can get to help boost your sexual pleasure.

1. Bend Over Beginner Strap-On Harness Kit by Tantus

This Bend Over Beginner Kit is a must-have for many lesbian couples. The adjustable strap-on harness can guarantee an unforgettable sexual experience, especially for first-time users. The kit includes the Velvet Vibe Harness with a bullet vibrator pocket, two O-rings, and a small and medium Silk silicone dildo.

Very few things can compare to the orgasm from penetration. This harness kit best suits lesbian twosomes who want to feel this pleasure but haven’t tried using a strap-on before. Because it’s straightforward and beginner-friendly, you can jump right into the fun of hands-free play.

Because it’s a beginner strap-on kit, it only includes two interchangeable O-rings sized 1.25 and 1.5 inches. If you want to try using larger dildos, you’d have to buy a separate O-ring that can fit larger dildos. The kit also doesn’t have a bullet vibrator, so you’d need to buy it separately.

Price and where to get it

PeepShow Toys offers the Bend Over Beginner Strap-On Harness Kit for $84.99. You can get it for $68.99 when the store holds a sale. Visit the Bend Over Beginner Kit page and grab one of the best lesbian sex toys today.

2. 12-Inch Double-Ended U-Shaped Dildo

Add spice to your sex life by getting a double-ended dildo for you and your partner. This U-shaped dildo is from Seven Creations and uses easy-to-clean PVC material. On top of its jelly toy look, it features a 12-inch length with different-sized tips. One tip is as large as the average dildo, while the other tapers to the width of two fingers. Despite its shape, you could also bend and change its shape to fit the angles or positions you want.

Like other double dildos, it is most suitable for lesbian women who want penetrative sex simultaneously. Do you have no partner or want to feel how a double penetration feels like? This double dildo could make your DP dreams come true. You only need to bend over and ask your partner to insert the two ends into your vagina and anus.

While this double-ended dildo has many pros, it also has cons in the maneuverability department. It will be difficult to control if you’re not used to using a double-ended dildo when going solo.

Be cautious of cross-contamination when inserting each end into different body parts. Without proper precautions, direct contact and exchanges from the anus to the vagina can cause health issues. Otherwise, it’s one of the best double-ended dildos on the market.

Price and where to get it

This Seven Creations Dildo is on the Peaches and Screams online store. They sell it for £32.99, but you can save 33% (£11) if you buy it with other adult toys. Purchase a double-ended dildo today if you and your partner don’t have one yet.

3. AMO Bullet Vibrator

The AMO Bullet Vibrator is petite but packed with pleasure and power. It has everything you need to orgasm with a rechargeable bullet vibrator. It’s waterproof, quiet, and has a running time of up to 40 minutes. Its best feature is its tip shape, which features pinpoint and broad ends. Use the pointed end for more precise vibrations and the broad end for massaging your sensitive areas.

The AMO Bullet Vibrator is a bedroom tool every woman should have in their lesbian sex toy collection. It works for solo play, couple sex, and more. You can even use it to explore your sexuality further as a lesbian or bisexual woman.

A drawback of the AMO Bullet Vibrator is its small size. You may have a hard time maneuvering it if you insert it into your vagina. We also don’t recommend it as an anal toy since it lacks a pullout string and is the right size. The AMO is also in the high-end range of bullet vibrators, which won’t suit lesbians on a budget.

Price and where to get it

You can buy the AMO Bullet Vibrator on the Hot Octopuss website. It costs $49.99 plus shipping. We couldn’t find a promo or discount for this powerful vibrator, but you can check out the product page here. You don’t know when you might stumble into a Hot Octopuss discount.

4. Tantus Silk Medium Dildo for Strap-On

Do you enjoy silicone dildos that are smooth and flexible as silk? Tantus’ Silk Medium Dildo is your ideal lesbian sex toy. It’s also compatible with strap-on harnesses, letting you enjoy toys smoothly and safely. It has a headless and rounded tip with a curved shaft for reaching into your partner’s G-spot. On top of that, it’s hypoallergenic, glossy, and eco-friendly.

The Silk Medium toy is most fitting for lesbians new to anal or vaginal penetration. Buy it if you want to upgrade to a larger dildo for your strap-on. Its design is also simple, making it suitable for lesbians who don’t want to buy extreme toys.

The Tantus Silk Medium’s simplicity can become an issue if you’re looking for a dildo with ridges, bumps, or other textures. It’s great for a first toy, but the Silk Medium may disappoint you if you want to explore the other fun aspects of dildos. Plus, it’s not compatible for suction cups.

Price and where to get it

Get the Silk Medium on the Tantus website. Its price is $42. You can read and learn more about the best ways to stimulate yourself with the Silk Medium here.

5. Temptasia Harness Strap-on Briefs

The Temptasia Strap-on Harness Briefs are a pair of the most convenient and comfortable strap-ons. They are a comfortable pair of cheekster briefs you can use for packing or penetration play.

The material used is a stretchy cotton/spandex blend, perfect for all-day wear. On top of that, it has two bullet vibrator pockets at the clitoris area for extra stimulation. The best part about these briefs is you can get them in eight sizes, from small to 5XL.

Lesbians who like switching from work to play mode in a snap will love these briefs. You’d only need to slip a dildo in, and you’re immediately ready for a night of erotic lesbian love. It’s great if you have a partner who likes giving sexy surprises for you out of the blue. With these briefs, you can be ready for anything she throws at you.

This pair of Temptasia briefs has some drawbacks. Its O-ring is only 1.5 inches in diameter, limiting the toys you can use with it. Another con of these strap-on briefs is that they can be unstable.

Price and where to get it

Visit to order Temptasia briefs for you and your partner. The item only costs $29.99 per pair. If you make it to their promo offer, you can get a pair for $16.99 only. Get a pair or two when you visit this page.

6. PHANXY Sucking Rose Vibrator for Oral Sex Simulation

Not everyone enjoys penetration. Some lesbian women even prefer to avoid it altogether. Sex experts found that more women have orgasms when they include clitoral stimulation during sex. This waterproof sucking sex toy from Phanxy can ensure you find great joy in the bedroom. It features seven vibration patterns and fast magnetic charging.

It’s a great lesbian sex toy for anybody who enjoys stimulation beyond clitoral stimulation. Use it on your or your partner’s erogenous zones, like her nipples. Women who also enjoy oral sex but can’t always have sex with their partners can still enjoy it in solo play.

Its cute aesthetic suits lesbians who like collecting cute and charming sex toys. This rose sex toy can work up to two hours at full charge, being one of the best sex toys for women who love taking their time.

What drawbacks does the Phanxy Sucking Rose Vibrator have? Some women have given reviews of it being noisy, which isn’t ideal if sound travels freely through your home. Otherwise, it’s a great lesbian sex toy if you want to add something new to your masturbation collection.

Price and where to get it

You can buy the Sucking Rose Vibrator from the Phanxy online shop for $50.99. Like all other respectable sex toy shops, they’ll deliver the product to you discreetly. Visit the Sucking Rose Vibrator product page today to order yours.

7. We-Vibe Melt & Pillow Talk Sassy Bundle – Sex Toys for Two

This two-in-one bundle for you and your partner? This Melt and Pillow Talk Sassy bundle from We-Vibe consists of the Melt clitoral stimulator and the Pillow Talk Sassy G-spot vibrator. These are some of the best silicone sex toys from We-Vibe. Melt has over ten intensity levels, an app for control, and a two-year warranty. It’s also USB rechargeable and waterproof, perfect for shower sex.

Pillow Talk Sassy uses We-Vibe’s PowerBullet tech for deeper vibrations during vaginal or anal sex. It uses silky silicone for a smooth feeling and a Swarovski crystal button for an elegant look. Its neck is flexible, giving you more control over how you want it to hit your G-spot.

This bundle is perfect for lesbian couples who love G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Buy it as a Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift for you and your partner. Lesbians without partners can enjoy it to its fullest by using the toys for mind-blowing orgasms. It’s also a wonderful group gift for lesbian women with more than one partner.

For women who enjoy pressing into their pleasure spots, a drawback of the Pillow Talk is its bendy neck. Press too hard, and the neck bends, causing you to lose the pressure. Like some clitoral stimulators, the Melt also has a flaw: its size. If you have a larger clitoris, it may not suit you.

Price and where to get it offers the Melt & Pillow Talk Sassy bundle for $219. If you visit the product page now, you could still get the bundle for only $159.99.

8. Icicles No. 55 Glass Dildo

Glass makes one of the top sex toys for lesbians, thanks to its smooth and firm texture. If you’re a lesbian looking for a toy that can stimulate you to orgasm and is easy to clean, this is it. Share it with a partner for twice the action. The dildo is 7.5 inches long and has two unique heads and shaft textures. Icicles No. 55 follows an S-like curve, designed to hit your G-spots and give you pleasure unlike any other.

Lesbians and other women from the queer community will love No. 55 for its easy-to-clean features. It’s also a perfect toy for women who like temperature play. All you need to do is submerge it in cool or warm water to make the glass sex toy cool or warm.

An issue we have with No. 55 is that it isn’t a versatile toy. Considering its glass build and its design, you can only do so much with it. But if you’re a fan of glass toys, this Icicles product is one thing you shouldn’t miss out on.

Price and where to get it

Luxurious Bliss offers the Icicles No. 55 Glass Dildo for only $32.99. You can find discounts on its products by visiting the site further. Follow the No. 55 product link here to order yours today.

9. Seahorse Dildo

Sculpted with ridges throughout its design, the Seahorse provides a subtle feel for every bit penetrating your vagina. These ridges provide a unique internal stimulation that no other toy can.

The Seahorse is the toy for you if you’re the type of lesbian who doesn’t like seeing realistic dildos. Its sculpted and odd appearance can fulfill your alien or sea dragon sex fantasy.

On top of its sculpted design, the Seahorse comes in five sizes. Like many dildos in this list, you could also wear the Seahorse to penetrate your partner. Don’t forget to check the strap-on ring sizes before you pick one.

Because of its many size options, the Seahorse dildo is great for beginner or veteran lesbians. The XXXL size is perfect for women who want extreme anal stimulation. The small size suits lesbians new to using sex toys.

One disadvantage of the Seahorse is its softness. You can only choose from two firmness options: Med Firm and 75% Soft. The medium firm can feel somewhat soft to those who prefer firmer dildos. Depending on your sensitivity and preferences, you may also dislike the ridges lining the base of the head.

Price and where to get it

Hankey’s Toys is the best place to get the Seahorse Dildo. You can buy it from them for $129.95. If you buy the Seahorse a week before or after your birthday, you can get a 25% discount on the product. Visit Hankey’s Toys today to order and read its many five-star reviews of the Seahorse.

10. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Sex Toy

If you’re familiar with the Satisfyer Pro 2, you’ll likely enjoy its Next Generation model. Like the original, it is rechargeable, waterproof, and made to stimulate your clitoris. It has 11 programs, each with varying vibration patterns and suction levels. The upgrade in Next Generation is a plus and minus button. With these additions, you won’t have to cycle through every setting to find the intensity you want.

The people who’ll enjoy it most are singles and couples who love clitoral and external stimulation. Is your body not sensitive to most vibrators and clitoris stimulators? Get ready to experience mind-blowing orgasms with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation.

It’s also the best option for lovers of silicone sex toys, shower or underwater sex, and hands-free play. You should also consider adding this to your sex toy collection if you’re a skeptic of premium toys.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation has a few drawbacks. If you’re sensitive and dislike overstimulation, you won’t find much use in all the device’s 11 settings. Another con of the toy is its battery life. It can last two hours at lower settings and one and a half at mid-level settings. You may find its battery running out if you take much longer to find your pleasure during masturbation.

Price and where to get it

You can buy the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation sex toy at the Peepshow Toys shop. Its base price is $66.95, but you can get it for $39.99. Add one of the best Satisfyer adult toy models to your collection by visiting this page.

11. Kurve

If you like the idea of a magic wand with a motor placed at its tip, consider the Kurve G-Spot vibrator. This nifty toy has won awards thanks to its dual-motor design.

The Kurve has a soft gel tip for balancing the power of the Treble motor sitting at the tip of its head. It also features a two-hour running time, 25 modes, and five vibration patterns.

Lesbians who like trying new things in the shower will love using the Kurve. It’s an excellent toy for lesbian singles or couples who want a sex toy with powerful vibrations. On top of being waterproof, it also has a G-spot-seeking tip. Also, women who want a sex toy they can travel with are the best customers for the Kurve. It comes with a travel pouch on top of a charging cable.

Despite its accolades in the sex toy world, we’ve observed some drawbacks of the Kurve. It comes in only one size, so you’re stuck with this 7.6-inch-long toy. Some users have also felt confused about finding the on/off switch. Otherwise, the Kurve is a phenomenal tool for reaching your orgasm.

Price and where to get it

Hot Octopuss sells this award-winning sex toy for $129.95 plus shipping. Check out the Kurve web page and use the code SAVE20 to get a 20% discount when you buy the sex toy.

12. Lovense Lush 3 Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator

The Lush 3 Vibrator is Lovense’s newest model in the Lush line and one of their best lesbian sex toys yet. Compared to other G-spot vibrators, it’s powerful, quiet, and easy to use. The Lush 3 can continuously run up to five hours. Connectivity is its best feature. It now has a remote control app compatible with Bluetooth, iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices.

Do you share a long-distance relationship with your partner and often have to make do with manual masturbation? Improve your long-distance sex with the Lush 3’s long-distance control feature. Lovers of having music during sex will enjoy Lush 3’s music syncing features and unlimited vibration patterns also.

If we had to give you a disadvantage of the Lush 3, it would be its remote control app. It may glitch and won’t lock to your phone. Configuring the app can lead to stress before sexy times has even begun. The good news is this issue only occurs sometimes. Lush 3 is also pricier than most vibrators.

Price and where to get it

The Lovense website sells the Lush 3 at $199. If you have luck and great timing on your side, you can visit the site and get it with a discount. Go to the Lush 3 page and get one of the best lesbian sex toys on the market today.

13. Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

While the Liberator Wedge/Ramp combo isn’t like average sex toys, we wanted to add it anyway. After all, sex furniture is also vital for lesbians who enjoy penetrative sex. Its size, design, and versatility offer deeper penetration.

Many gay men stand by the P-spot pleasure they’ve had with this Liberator pair. So why not listen to their praises for this sex furniture and see what it offers? It’s perfect for everyone who wants to experiment with anal sex and other sex positions. It’s also suitable for couples who like experimenting with their vibrators and other lesbian sex toys. Plus, it will keep you from hurting or worsening your back or knee problems.

Not everyone will enjoy its price, but most people have enjoyed the extra lift that the Liberator Combo provides. Some buyers find it too expensive for its purpose. But considering its size and firmness, it’s one of the best lesbian sex toys for everyone.

Price and where to get it

Are you ready to reach an orgasm like never before? Visit PeepShow Toys to get the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo today. This lesbian sex furniture combination costs $279.

14. CalExotics Her Royal Harness Regal Queen Strap-On

Her Royal Harness is one of the best strap-ons we’ve seen in ages. It uses vegan leather with a velvety lining. It has a corset-style lace-up design and comes with three interchangeable O-rings. Its wide hip band provides great support and comfort. Its crotchless design makes it a top option among sex toys for lesbians.

Are you all about exploring your lesbian sex life with various dildos and other sex toys? Does it please you to play the role of your partner’s penetrator and the pleasure giver? This CalExotics product would be the most fitting sex toy for you if you answered yes. On top of that, it’s comfortable, easy to adjust, and simple. It can even fit plus-size women with hips up to 64 inches.

The only thing we didn’t like about Her Royal Harness was the leather. Because it uses vegan leather, the item is less durable than real leather. The surface of toys with this material can also crack with use and time.

Price and where to get it

Like many other lesbian sex toys, PeepShow Toys sells this vibrator at a good cost. Its price on the PeepShow website is $59.99. Considering how you still need to look for vibrators, dildos, and other tools, Her Royal Harness has an excellent price. Get ready to explore human sexuality with the best vibrators and dildos when your order comes in. First, get the harness here.

Conclusion: Find the Best Lesbian Sex Toys for You

Consider the products featured above to find the right toys to heighten your sexual experience.

Stimulate yourself or your partner with lesbian sex toys like the Phanxy Rose and Icicles No. 55, two of the best sex toys on the list. Find your pleasure via clitoral stimulation with vibrators like the Kurve and Lovense Lush 3.

Check the adult toy stores with our affiliate partnerships to find the best deals and discounts.

Finally, remember that safety and consent are vital. Always get your partner’s permission before you try anything new with the sex toys from above.