A well-known fact about men and women is that their sexual preferences often differ. For example, women tend to place greater importance on foreplay than men. So, what about dirty talk in the bedroom? Do women like dirty talk as much as men do?

The answer to that question may surprise many of you. As it turns out, the ladies enjoy talking dirty between the sheets just as much as the gentlemen do. Finally, we found common ground!

Still, that interesting discovery comes with a fine print. While women love dirty talk, they don’t find all naughty phrases equally stimulating. In fact, some can be a big turn-off for them.

This article is here to serve the interest of both men and women. It will teach guys how to master the art of dirty talk without overegging the pudding. Also, it will remind the ladies why they appreciate this bedroom activity as much as their partners do.

The Truth About Women and Dirty Talk

Researchers have found that there are more than twenty sexual activities that are equally enjoyed by men and women. Those include but are not limited to:

  1. Role-playing
  2. Blindfolding
  3. Receiving or giving a massage
  4. Spanking
  5. Dirty talking
  6. Hotel room sex

As you can see, talking dirty is also present on that list. According to this study, both genders tend to rate its appeal in an almost identical manner.

Another survey has reached a similar conclusion. As part of the study, researchers asked over 5,000 adults to name the things they like to hear during sex.

The sound that people most enjoyed hearing in the heat of the moment was moaning. Still, men showed a 13% higher preference for it than women.

Second on the list is dirty talk, but its approval rate is similar for both genders. It’s estimated that about 77% of men like exchanging naughty words with their partners. In comparison, more than 73% of the female participants in the survey admit to the same thing. So, using dirty talk to turn women on is not such a bad idea after all.

Older Women Dirty Talk More Openly

Women not only talk dirty, but they do it more freely when they hit their middle-age years. What’s more, some of them may warm up to that activity only after they reach their mid-40s.

It’s believed that women enjoy their sex life the most between the ages of 45 and 55. Usually, that’s when ladies feel the most comfortable with their bodies. Also, older women dirty talk more confidently than girls in their 20s, for example. As a result, middle-aged ladies are the most likely to experiment when they do the no-pants dance.

Dirty Talk Women Don’t Like

Not all dirty talk will float the boat. That applies to men as much as it does to women. About 20% of adults end up being turned off by the poor naughty talk skills of their partner. Here are some of the things that may kill the moment for ladies.

1. Straightforwardness and Lack of Creativity

Listing body parts is dirty talk women don’t like. Unless they fantasize about being with a biology teacher, such straightforwardness is a no-no. So, sticking to a more creative choice of sexy words is a better strategy.

2. Nasty Talk

Many women enjoy playing a submissive role between the sheets. However, they can be instantly turned off when their partner talks to them in a derogatory way. There is a significant difference between being dominated and being humiliated.

3. Dirty Talk Plagiarism

Another type of dirty talk women don’t appreciate is the one used in blue movies. That dislike is not related so much to the film genre itself but the cliched expressions used in it. Therefore, it again boils down to a lack of creativity.

Tips on Using Dirty Talk to Turn Women on

1. Test the Waters First

It’s hard to say what dirty talk women love the most since they all have different preferences. Some may like to keep things playful, while others may want to get extra rough. Fortunately, finding your place on that scale is quite easy. Just take things slow.

Instead of diving headfirst into the naughty talk ocean, test the waters. Start with some playful phrases and expressions. Then, gradually turn up the heat and see how far you and your partner can go. Use this strategy to find your dirty talk G-spot.

2. Don’t Overdo It

Men who try to use dirty talk to turn women on must be careful not to overdo it. If they don’t put their words into practice, they may spoil the moment. The same goes for women who talk dirty during sex but don’t act on what they say.

3. If You Don’t Enjoy It, Avoid It

While it’s true that many women like dirty talk, don’t pressure yourself to be someone you are not. So, if this sexual behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t practice it. What’s more, don’t let your partner push you into it.

A Bonus Tip — Practice Sexting First

It can take a lot of practice to master the art of talking dirty. So, to save yourself any embarrassment, you can try sexting as a start.

For example, you can give iSexyChat a go. This free sex chat platform may help you improve your naughty talk skills. Even men and women who talk dirty during sex like pros may learn a thing or two there. And, if things go well, you can take it up a notch by trying cam or video dating sites.