Visiting a bar or a nightclub can be exhilarating, especially if you’re young and ready to mingle. Of course, it’s a bit of an unwritten rule that you need to drink when you’re at a bar. And while clubs usually focus on music, dancing, and socializing, alcohol is just as integral to them as it is to bars.

But there are some of us who simply don’t drink, so clubs don’t work for us. Fear not, though. Even us non-drinkers (you included) can find that special someone. If you want to know where to meet women other than clubs or bars, you’ve come to the right place.

The best places to meet women outside of bars and clubs

Group sports events & sports spots

If you like living a healthy life, you’ll be happy to know that there are like-minded ladies out there.

Of course, the obvious solution is to join a gym, and we can definitely see the benefits of doing so. Not only will you appeal to the ladies by trying to improve your body through regular exercise, but you might also get to talk to a girl whose standards aren’t necessarily too high. Remember — she’s there for the same reason you are. You both have a body you’re unhappy with and want to get in shape.

But don’t stop at gyms. There are so many different establishments that cater to our sporting needs. Running and cycling, for example, are great group activities that lots of like-minded people visit.

On the other hand, if you want something similar to a gym, but with far more women present, we suggest taking up an aerobics or yoga class. And speaking of taking a class…

Various group classes

At some point, we may want to hone a skill or learn something new. Naturally, learning that skill by watching YouTube tutorials is an option. But we need to figure out where to meet women AND become a master of an art or a craft.

With that in mind, you have plenty of different study group options to choose from. A short list includes:

  1. Art and pottery classes
  2. Music classes
  3. Cooking classes
  4. Acting lessons
  5. Dance classes

Social events

Figuring out where to meet women might seem difficult for someone who works long hours every day. However, we know that it’s possible to turn even the most tedious social event into a chance to meet the woman of your dreams.

Let’s say that you have to attend a networking or a fundraising event. Instead of getting bored out of your mind or mingling with the bigwigs, you might get a chance to chat up a lady who’s interested in the subject matter. If you’re attending a charity event, you have the advantage of showing how much you care for the cause too.

There are other social events that can also serve as amazing spots to meet women. These include wine tastings and YPO gatherings, among others.

Parties and social gatherings

We believe that a quaint house party might just be the right venue for meeting new women. The same goes for other gatherings, such as birthdays, barbecues, weddings, and even baby showers. After all, you have a cozy setting, next to no alcohol, and a small group of people with little to no intimidation in the air. In short, these events are perfect for some romance.

Coffee shops

As its name suggests, a coffee shop doesn’t serve alcohol, but it does gather women who like a good, hot brew. Moreover, you can easily spot the ladies with their laptops, tablets, books, or cellphones, mingling and having a good time. That gives you the perfect opportunity to chat with one and bond over your favorite coffee.

Interestingly, lots of people don’t think of libraries when trying to figure out where to meet women. Sure, a library is usually quiet, but it’s still a great spot to find a lady that loves the written word as much as we do.

And it doesn’t stop with libraries. Visit your local bookshop like Barnes & Noble, or attend a local book signing. You’re bound to meet a woman there, flipping through the pages with a smile on her face.

Galleries and museums

Do we, maybe, know where to meet women who care about the history of the Great War or who enjoy the brushwork of Monet? We most certainly do!

Human culture is, more or less, based on knowing both history and art. Therefore, art galleries and various museums will give you a chance to meet a curious, intelligent gal, i.e., the perfect lover and the best partner to have deep conversations with.

Activities based on faith

Yes, even devout believers need to know where to meet women who share their faith. So, whether you’re a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or a Buddhist, you can always count on your local congregation to help you meet the partner of your dreams.

Churches often organize group events or have social gatherings and volunteer work on specific days. While you’re showing your love for the higher power, there’s no harm in finding a girl to share that love with.

Niche cultural gatherings

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. There are lots of self-proclaimed nerds out there who love DnD, gaming, comics, anime or collecting figurines. Naturally, they’d also like to find out where to meet women who share similar interests.

If you’re a gamer or a comic book fan yourself, we suggest public events like Cons and gaming meetups. You could also visit your local hobby or comic book store and have a chat with a few ladies there.

Have a friend set you up

Indeed, sometimes it’s not about learning WHERE to meet women, but rather knowing a friend who knows some women. More often than not, it’s a good idea to ask a female friend to set you up, but we believe that’s a bit restrictive. If your bros have a single lady in mind, don’t be ashamed to ask them to hook you two up.

What is the best place to meet women online?

Yes, the all-important ‘where to meet women’ question also covers dating websites. They are amazing spots for meeting chicks online, where simple text compliments will get you a date. It’s no wonder, then, that so many lonely guys are relying on Google to find out “how to meet women online,” “what is the best place to find a girlfriend online,” etc.

Of course, dating websites aren’t always the best place for meeting women online. For instance, if you visit an average site to meet single ladies, you may be disappointed by the somewhat basic offers. Some of these sites tend to offer nothing but sex chat services and video calls. That’s nice, at first, but it gets old quickly.

Other places, though, like the amazing iSexyChat, cover many different options. For example, if we feel like roleplaying or simply having a normal chat session, the website provides us with that. While it’s not a dating or a video/camming website like so many others out there, it’s still a good starting point to pick up women online.

Sometimes, the best way to meet women online is to have a normal, pleasant text conversation. Other times, it’s as simple as commenting on user images and complimenting them in a respectful manner.

Usually, if you end up writing the best compliment for a girl’s picture, she’ll strike up a conversation in the DMs. Not everything has to be about alcohol and sex, online or otherwise. That’s why websites like iSexyChat excel on the modern online chatting scene.

Now that I know where to meet women, what’s next?

And there you have it — now you know where to meet women without having to go to a club or a bar. We should note that our list is not exhaustive; there are plenty of other options out there. Still, the ones we’ve provided should let you get off to a good start.

Now, learning where to meet women is merely the first step. Depending on the situation, we need to know how to behave so that our attempt at getting a date comes across as genuine and not creepy. So, here’s a quick list of do’s and don’ts to get you started.

Brief wrap-up — What is the best way to meet women?

  1. Make sure she’s not busy or talking to someone else.
  2. Try to catch her eye and offer a genuine smile.
  3. Her body language will let you know if she’s interested or not.
  4. Always approach her front and center, with confidence.
  5. Don’t get nervous.
  6. Don’t exaggerate with flattery; flashy compliments, for a girl, are appreciated, but they may come off as creepy if you overdo it.
  7. Be a good listener and converse with her — don’t talk over her.