A furry is any animal with anthropomorphic qualities. Applied to sex dolls, that furry would be one that comes with an excellent set of breasts and, of course, a furry onahole.

Our Criteria

Believe it or not, picking a good sex doll with the best furry onahole can be daunting. There’s just so many sex dolls to choose from. So, in helping you make your decision, we’ve come up with a set of criteria that we will use to make a list for you.


Furry sex dolls are not punching bags. Chances are you’ll be treating your sex doll with love and care akin to how you would treat women in real life.

Regardless, however, you want your furry doll to be strong; one that can withstand some light punishment should the doll misbehave.

The best furry sex dolls are those that are durable but without sacrificing its plush and foxy features.


Safety simply means the feature of the sex doll to not harm you while you are using it. For example, a sex doll might allow some mouth access and, who knows? Maybe the material surrounding the inside of the mouth is not safe for your skin or penis.

Another example would be if the sex doll’s love hole ends up being too tight for your boner. While that may sound awesome, trust us when we say it’s not. Especially if you have a video conference in 10 minutes.


Sex doll sizes, like people, come in various types. After all, people have their preferences. Some like sex dolls that are bigger than they are. Some like their dolls small. Others prefer their sex dolls to be the same size as they are.

While we think small sizes with big breasts are best (right? RIGHT?), we know you may think otherwise, so we’ll keep our minds open.


A huge turn off about cheap sex dolls is the sound that it makes when you love and cuddle with it. The absolute worst ones are those that have a cheap plastic sound whenever you move them about.

For this criterion, we’ll be focusing on the materialistic sounds that a sex doll makes when it’s being loved and cared for.

If a certain sex doll has a sort of customizable voice feature, we’ll note that, too.


Sex dolls are not cheap, so a good furry doll should be one that has a customizability feature. Can you dress the furry sex doll in different clothes? Does it have a tail, and if there is none, can you add one? What about the head? The feet? Can you change these up, too?

We’ll cover that, as well.


For sex dolls, realism shouldn’t mean as close to being human as possible, no. A realistic sex doll should be one that imitates human characteristics, but falls short of becoming truly human. With our focus today on furries, you might understand what we mean.

A good example is comparing cheap plastic sex dolls with those sex dolls that are made from good quality materials. The feeling is just beyond compare, because the latter allows you to actually form a connection with it, even through something as simple as cuddling. With the cheap one, you’d only see it as a thing that is incapable of being loved.

Do note that, in writing this list, we didn’t exactly order a set number of sex dolls and then tried them all, one by one (though we’d love that!). There are ways to live vicariously through other people’s experiences and we are, fortunately, experts at doing that.


It’s all fun and games until it’s cleaning time. A good sex doll is one that is simple and easy to clean. Stuff is bound to stick to it and if removing it is a hassle, then you might as well get a new set of sex toys.

To make it more convenient for you, we’ll be highlighting this criterion strongly.


This may be the biggest kicker for anyone. As we have said before, furry sex dolls can be expensive, especially if they’re made with high-quality materials. Of course, high prices don’t always mean it’s valuable. Neither does it mean that it’s not an option.

A price can be justified if it’s worthy of being justified. We’ll be doing that part on your behalf.

The Best 4 Furry Sex Dolls to Choose From

You know our rubric, now let’s get to know these furry dolls.

#1: The Morikawa Yuki

Well, holy shiitake mushrooms!

If furry dolls had a goddess to worship at their furry church every Sunday, then that goddess would the Elsa Babe Morikawa Yuki sex doll.

Elsa Babe built this sex doll with non-toxic material, inside and out. Using it creates no smell and, best of all, it’s very simple and easy to clean and maintain.

But the absolute best part of this Elsa Babe doll is its overall look and feel. It’s one of those rare sex doll furries that look realistic and not like, say, one of those fluffy plush dolls that you can buy at the mall.

This sex doll commands a hefty price tag, but it comes with a piece of sexy lingerie, a wig, and a vaginal cleaning device.


  • Five types of inner vagina texture to choose from
  • A random outfit will be included for free
  • Doesn’t produce much noise when cuddling or playing with it
  • Made of extra soft lifelike silicone skin
  • Features a metal skeleton with full ability to pose in different positions
  • Comes with a vaginal cleaning device


  • Expensive
  • Vagina is fixed
  • Oral sex is hard because of its hard mouth cavity

#2: The Kemono Hime Animal Princess Doll

This plush furry may seem like a step down from the Morikawa Yuki, but, really, it all falls down to preferences. Different strokes (heh) for different folks.

The Kemono Hime is a furry doll you shouldn’t ignore. Unlike the Morikawa Yuki, they had this one built for comfort. Covered in fur, its cute exterior allows you to hide that special relationship that you and your doll have from others.

“Oh, what a cute toy!” your friend might say. But the moment she turns around, give your Kemono Hime that smile that only she will understand.

Though it doesn’t come with an onahole (you have to purchase it separately), there is a pouch where you can put one. This offers you some customizability in terms of what you like in your toy’s vagina. Other than that, however, the sex doll has limited customization.

Yes, different varieties are available for purchase. There is a catgirl, a dog, and a fox version. But for its price, getting them all will cost you. They’re small, though, so you’d have no trouble packing them in your case with you during your travels.


  • Doesn’t produce much noise when cuddling or playing with it
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • 3 feet tall which is realistic by furry sex doll standards


  • Expensive
  • Hard to clean
  • Fragile
  • The onahole is sold separately

#3: The Lola Bunny Sex Doll Furry

If you saw Space Jam (the Jordan one and not the LeBron one), then you know exactly who this is. This shouldn’t even be a debate. We all crushed hard on Lola Bunny. Heck, some of us probably became men during that first viewing.

But, let’s ignore our childhood willies for a while and focus on the product.

Now, there’s not really much to say about The Lola Bunny Sex Doll. Its material is almost as similar as that of the Kemono Hibe. It comes with a vagina, but we’re not sure what it’s made of or if we can lube it up (one reason we need a test product, boss!).

The only redeeming and selling factor it has is that, first, it has a lifelike size and, second, that it’s goddamn Lola Bunny! That might be enough for like 80% of us to get off, materials be damned!


  • It is life-size
  • It is Lola Bunny
  • Durable


  • It is big enough for a strap on
  • No information provided by the manufacturer on materials used
  • Hard to clean
  • Expensive

#4: My Little Pony Lookalike Sex Doll

If you think it’s crazy to go crazy for Lola Bunny, then let’s go even crazier. You saw this in that uncut scene of Deadpool and, if you were one of those that saw Suicide Squad (the first one and not the much cooler later one), then you saw this with Captain Boomerang, too.

Before we begin, let’s get this out of the way: My Little Pony is a trademarked and protected property, making it prohibited to use any serious or accurate likeness of it without permission. You’d probably never get the company’s permission to use it for, um, sex doll purposes. What is possible, however, is to spin around that legal prohibition just enough to make it acceptable.

This My Little Pony Lookalike Sex Doll results from that spinning around.

Arguably, we can say that it was My Little Pony that helped the furry community gain traction. You saw the memes. You saw the costumes. It just feels right to have this doll as part of your collection of sex dolls.

So, besides the fame and nostalgia, what else can it offer?

Well, it comes with a plush vagina that’s deep enough for your raging boner. It’s also machine washable. Makes sense, since you’d have to clean it after every use.

So, yeah. My Little Pony, everyone!


  • It looks like My Little Pony
  • Durable
  • The vagina is deep enough compared to other plushie sex dolls
  • Easy to clean


  • Not customizable
  • No information provided by the manufacturer on materials used
  • Expensive

Furry Plush Sex Doll versus Regular Furry Sex Doll

Plush sex dolls are those that may look and feel like regular stuffed toys or stuffed animals, save for the sexy part. A regular furry doll can be any sex doll of any material, but it must still be a furry.

As for what works best, well, that’s entirely up to your preference or your specific needs. Surely, nothing is stopping you from having both.

Closing Thoughts

In this piece, we covered some crowd favorites. We understand that there are a lot of sex dolls out there, especially in the furry department.

If you want us to cover a specific sex doll, give us a holler! Hopefully, our boss will get us one for a more intimate review (we’re both joking and not joking. There’s a little gray area in between where this statement exists).