Sexting as a phenomenon is here to stay. In fact, the use of sexy texts is increasing among teens and young adults. Over one-third of teenagers and young adults admit they have sent a sexy text, and nearly half have received a sexy text. Many people want to be able to send a sexy text, but they worry. “Can sexting be tracked?” “How can I sext safely?” We’ve got some tips for safe sexting, so that you can send a sexy text and still sleep at night.

Don’t Send A Photo With Identifying Features

We’ve all heard of those women who have sent a sexy text, included a topless photo, and only too late realized that sending a topless photo could ruin their life, especially if their photo was shared. If you want to send a sexy pic, don’t put things in the pic that could identify you, such as your face, or tattoos. No face nude selfies are a great way to sext without stressing.

No App Is Completely Safe to Sext On

When it comes to sexting, a lot of people choose to sext on an app, because they think it is safer. In fact, there is no such thing as a completely safe app to sext on. Some people think that sexting on Snapchat is safe, because the snaps disappear in a few seconds. That means by the time the person really gets into the image they are looking at, the snap is gone. However, someone can easily screen grab your sexy shot, and share it with the world. No one wants that. There is no such thing as a completely safe sexting app.

There Are Ways to Be (More) Safe When Sexting

So what is the safest way to send nudes? After all of the warnings, you may be wondering how anyone can spice up their love life by sending a sexy text without risk. While no method is completely foolproof, there are ways you can protect yourself and have a safe sex chat when you feel like it.

First, Be Sure That You Are Sober

This may sound stupid, but a lot of people get in trouble for sexting when they are drunk. In fact, when you’re drunk, you are not in a position to know what is safe and what is not safe. We’ve heard stories of people who were trying to send a sexy text while they were out drinking, and sent a text to the wrong person—a relative, their boss, or their loved one parents, for example. Go out and have a good time, but skip the sexting while you’re drinking.

Next, Be Sure That Your Device Isn’t Shared

How many times have you heard that someone sent a sexy text on their phone to someone they were crushing on, and because the device was shared, their roommate saw it? Many people have multiple devices. If you have both a smartphone and a tablet, chances are they are linked. Don’t share a photo on a device in a format that causes it to be shared among all your devices, such as Google Drive or Apple. Instead, you might want to consider sharing a sexy snap via texting, where you are sharing between two smartphones.

Get Rid of The Evidence

Once you’ve sent your sexy text, you need to delete it immediately. That way, no one sees it on your phone. Also, if you took a sexy photo, you need to delete personal information off the photo. Even if you sent your sexy pic without your face in it, your computer records who took the picture, and when it was taken. Either go in and deleted your personal info from the photo, or get an app that does it for you.

Watch Your Time

We get that people are in the mood to sext at different times during the day. However, no one wants to get a sexy text during their weekly sales meeting, or when they are conducting a team meeting. Most people who work also don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night. We are all for playfulness and spontaneity, but check when your sexting before you click. That way, your partner won’t get a beautiful nude shot of you while they’re at work or in class.

Trusting Your Playmate

Lots of people love to play. They send sexy chats, photos or sexy texts to the person they are seeing. However, before you send that sexy text, you need to ask yourself how much you trust your partner. Do you know for sure that the person on the other end of that text isn’t going to share it with anyone? If you don’t know this person well, don’t send photos or videos that could be traced back to you. Only when you are sure someone can be trusted should you share your latest sexy pic. That way, you are more confident that your amazing shot won’t be shared with dozens of other people—no one wants that.

With these guidelines in mind, go forward and sext confidently—if a little cautiously.