The year 2020 has had us locked away inside our homes. For many of us, it’s even taken away our jobs and businesses. Thankfully, it hasn’t taken away the Internet. And while things may seem hopeless sometimes, the Internet is still teeming with jobs for women at home. Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities for men, but this time, we’re going to focus on the best work from home jobs for women.

If you’re looking for an online job for women at home, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Virtual Assistant

One of the best virtual jobs for someone who’s transitioning from having a physical day job or business is to be a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant does a lot of things, but you’re basically taking care of every virtual task that your employer can’t do themselves. You can be asked to manage their schedule, plan online meetings with clients, and set reminders for important calls.


Big businesses span several countries, which means they need people who can understand other languages for them. The most important requirement for translators is being fluent in both languages you’re working with. If you have native or near-native fluency in two or more languages, you may be able to find lucrative work being a translator.

Travel Agent

With lockdowns being enforced, you may be wondering how becoming a travel agent can make you any money. But with people cooped up inside their homes for so long, they’re anxious to get out and go on a plane – even if it lands nowhere. This year and in the years beyond, it will be travel agents who can harness the Internet and jump on the latest trends who will make it big in their industry. If you’re ready to take a gamble, this might just be the career change for you.

Freelance Writer

With businesses moving their operations and marketing online this year, we’ll be seeing an increase in demand for people who can write compelling web content. If you’ve always wanted to get paid to write, now’s your chance to become a freelance home-based writer.

Social Media Manager

As a remote social media manager, you’ll be asked to maintain the social media pages of your client or employer. Your work goes beyond posting new stuff on social media, though. You’ll need to understand what makes your audience tick, what type of content they want, and what you can do to give them what they’re looking for. You also need to be familiar with social media analytics and analyzing data to help you improve your stats. Lastly, you also have to learn how to create, set up, and monitor the performance of social media ads.

Webcam Model

Being a cam girl isn’t for everybody, but if you’re looking for something challenging, exciting, and totally out of your comfort zone, you might want to become a webcam model. The number of women trying out for webcam model jobs has shot up this year. That’s because cam sites have seen a spike in users as people who don’t have anything to do at home flock in droves. If you’re up for a new career that’s truly out of this world, this just might be what you’re looking for.


Nothing can bring the human spirit down. A pandemic may lock you away inside your homes, keep you away from people, and take away your old jobs. But it’s not going to stop us from creating new opportunities so we can continue to survive and thrive.