The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things in our society: how we shop for food, how we go to work, and even how we get our hair cut.

Even the way we have sex isn’t exempted. Millions have been in quarantine for a while, which means there’s probably a lot of urges that aren’t getting satisfied.

But is having sex in the time of COVID-19 safe? Here’s what experts have to say.

Why the Precautions?

COVID-19 is like any virus. It spreads from person to person either through the air or bodily fluids.

It’s a respiratory virus, which means if you come into contact with someone’s sneezes or coughs, you’re likely to catch the virus. That’s even more true with COVID-19 because it’s a new virus and no one has had it.

COVID-19 is merely a nuisance to many people who catch it, but it’s more than that for hundreds of thousands of people who have been hospitalized, died, or become disabled because of it.

What Behaviors Are Problematic?

Although COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, there are sexual behaviors that seem to put you at higher risk than others.

First, if you’re deep kissing someone, you’re passing saliva, which could pass the virus. At this time, researchers have not found COVID-19 in vaginal fluid, but you still need to be cautious.

COVID-19 has been found in the feces of infected patients, which means that any contact with feces could spread the virus. It has also been found in the semen of infected patients and those who have recovered.

Unsafe Sex Practices During COVID-19

There are several different sex acts that might expose you to COVID-19.

  • Not using a condom when having sex with a partner.
  • Deep kissing.
  • Oral or anal contact, such as rimming or anal sex.

What’s a Horny Person to Do?

It seems like there are a lot of practices that aren’t safe. So, if you’re horny, and you need to satisfy your sex drive, what should you do?

The New York City Department of Health has some suggestions.

  • Self-love is the safest sex. Masturbation cannot spread the virus. But make sure you wash your hands before and after masturbating. Don’t forget to wash your sex toys if you’re using them. If you can’t wash the toy, wipe it with a disinfecting wipe.
  • Aside from masturbation, phone sex and webcam sex are also safe. Be sure to clean up afterward.
  • Being in a monogamous relationship is the next safest way to have sex. Sex in the time of COVID-19 is safest if the person lives with you. But if one or both of you work in a high-risk job, you need to shower or bathe before sex and wash up after. If you’re worried that your partner isn’t faithful, take extra precautions like wearing a condom or a dental dam.

What Should You Do if You’re Single?

You need to limit your contact with other people. If you want to keep having sex with others, do it with the fewest partners possible. You also need to make sure you trust this person.

Just like with STDs, you need to discuss safe sex topics openly, such as PrEP, dental dams, condoms, and other forms of sex that would be safer at this time, such as masturbating together.

You need to ask COVID-19-specific questions too. Have they had symptoms in the last 14 days? If they had COVID-19, has it been 10 days since they first began to show symptoms? In the time of the pandemic, these are important questions you need to ask before you consent to sex.

The Takeaway

Planning for sex helps keep you safe against COVID-19. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partners about your concerns as well. Always have a conversation about coronavirus before taking things to the bedroom.