We know about remote-controlled vibrators, but have you heard of a remote-controlled butt plug? It’s attained a bit of a cult following in the sex toy industry for couples who are either in a long-distance relationship or enjoy discreet public play. Next to the mainstream popularity of Lush, Hush by Lovense comes a close second in the spotlight. Hush boasts itself as the most versatile vibrating butt plug on the market—but is it true?

Given that Hush is priced at around $100, it’s only natural to want to read a bunch of customer reviews before purchasing an item that is essentially non-refundable. Of course, Hush is backed by warranty, but who would want to go through all that effort if we can avoid it in the first place? That said, let’s put Hush to the test via hundreds of customer reviews online compiled into one comprehensive article below.

Hush by Lovense: The Vibrating Butt Plug Of Your Dreams

You’ll love Hush if you’re into powerful vibrations that can be useful for public play. It’s quiet, customizable, and most of all, can be controlled from halfway across the world. We can already hear the camgirls squealing in excitement.

It’s not common knowledge but users can even profit off of Hush if they find themselves loving the butt plug too much. This is made possible by Lovense when the brand decided to partner with several cam sites like EuroLive, Flirt4Free, Flavor, and Camversity, where customers pay to control someone’s sex toy. With Hush, you can take pleasure into your own hands or let it go for someone else to control.

Even if you have no plans to be a camgirl, Hush will still be there for your best interest in more ways than one. Before we go into a deep dive into the most important aspects of the sex toy, here’s a TLDR version for those who are looking for a quick guide on this vibrating butt plug:


  • Most powerful vibrating butt plug in the market
  • Tons of vibration patterns and customization options
  • Quiet inside the body
  • Battery life is more than enough at three hours
  • Covers a big radius for close-range connectivity
  • Easy to clean with a waterproof rating
  • Can be internet-controlled from anywhere in the world
  • On/off button is on the base for continued control while in use
  • Ideal T-bar base for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Lovense app is compatible with both smartphones and computers


  • Spiral ridges are uncomfortable for insertion and removal, if not altogether painful
  • No direct prostate stimulation
  • Poor Bluetooth connection when inside the body
  • Requires the Lovense app to access most features
  • Lag in vibration when connected to music
  • No storage pouch or other accessories
  • Not very beginner-friendly in terms of standard starter size
  • Lube can compromise the open charging port
  • Need constant lube re-application for prolonged use

For a more detailed explanation of the pros and cons list, read on below.


Hush is great for beginners, and even greater for intermediate users.

Since the backdoor is often an unexplored territory, Lovense made sure to provide two sizes of the same Hush for a more suitable fit for the first-timers and the tenth-timers. Both small and medium have an insertable length of 3.8 inches, but the former has a 1.5-inch diameter and the latter a 1.75-inch diameter. Hush’s starting size can still be a bit larger than some people are ready for, so make sure to take that into account. The insertable length will provide good depth even for those more experienced at anal play. At the same time, it doesn’t penetrate too far in, so you can sit down without worrying about being poked in the intestines.

Not sure which size to go with? If you’re after extended wear while feeling comfortable, go with the smaller size. If you care more about the full sensation, then the larger one is better for you. Go for what you value more.

Interestingly, one of the first things you’ll notice as you unbox your new Hush butt plug is that it doesn’t seem to weigh anything. Even other smaller-sized toys will have more force to them. Some wish Hush were longer or thicker, but none can complain when its power packs a punch that is comparable to much larger toys of its size.


We’re no stranger to this look—the usual teardrop shape with a T-bar base. Hush just about looks like any other butt plug on the market, except it’s not. Hush is made of body-safe silicone; it’s nothing less than you’d expect from Lovense.

The neck was designed to ensure it stays in place during use. The ratio between the neck and bulb is just right, promising a snug fit inside even when in motion. Hush is best inserted and felt when standing up, achieving the comfortable fullness you would expect out of the ideal vibrating butt plug. The same can be said for sitting down and walking with it in.

In addition, the base is optimized to feel comfortable when worn but is flared enough to ensure safety. You don’t have to worry about Hush getting lost or stuck inside you. Its ergonomic T-bar shape also allows you to walk around without chafing you in the process. However, women get the shorter end of the stick with this one as the T-bar can get in the way of vaginal penetration while plugged inside you.

Last but not the least, Hush also has spirals on the neck trap lube near the anal sphincter—the ring-shaped muscle that relaxes or tightens to open or close a passage or opening in the body—making it “easy to remove” after a session, as Lovense put it.

However, many users have complained about the spiral ridges that make Hush almost unusable. Because of how thin the spirals are, the butt plug is uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time. This seems to be the biggest issue with Hush. Users with the worst luck even experienced anal irritation that lasted days. Some of them got creative, using a razor blade or sandpaper to smoothen the ridges on their own to salvage the usability of Hush. We don’t recommend resorting to this method, but if all else fails, it’s worth a shot. One user said removing the spirals “changed this toy into a completely different toy for me.”

Bluetooth Connectivity

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to the sex toy function itself.

For starters, the Bluetooth connection has a radius of 30 feet when standing and 5-10 feet when sitting. Hush features both close range and long distance control. So this is also great for couples who are temporarily apart or in long distance relationships from halfway across the world. The best part about the Lovense remote app is that you can grant access to your partner, meaning they don’t have to constantly ask for permission to control Lush. One grant can allow them unlimited access as long as the vibrator is turned on and connected to Bluetooth.

However, the Bluetooth connection isn’t always a smooth-sailing experience, with many users reporting intermittent feedback responses. It’s understandable to have a weak connection when the sex toy is quite literally inside you, and is therefore blocking the signal from getting in or out of the toy. However, Hush has an antenna in its base, so signal should not be hampered. But some users also reported having connectivity issues just from leaving Hush out on the table.

You can lose connection surprisingly easily, which can be annoying especially if there’s another person involved in your pleasure. Fortunately, this problem has a quick fix: simply restart the sex toy using the on/off button and it should work as intended once it’s turned back on.

Vibration Power and Pattern

There’s no other way to go about it: Hush’s vibrations are strong in every sense of the word. Quite literally, the internal motor is about twice the size of most motors of vibrating butt plugs. For such a small toy, the strength of the vibration is surprising, even for long-time sex toy enthusiasts. When the Hush is turned all the way to eleven, you can almost feel it rearranging your insides. Expect it to give you pauses to recompose yourself, especially out in public.

Generally, the Lovense app is meant to be uniform across all of its product offerings. What you get with Lush is what you’ll get with Hush—the only difference lies in where they are meant to be inserted. Take that as a pro or con, but one thing is for sure: you’ll spend less time figuring out how to use the app and more time figuring out which pattern works best for you. The app functionality is really in-depth, which never makes for a boring experience. You can even connect multiple sex toys at once!

Here’s a quick rundown of the vibration patterns available on the Lovense app:

  • Alarm - Start your day the Lovense way by replacing that boring old alarm clock with a vibrating butt plug that you can’t snooze inside you.
  • Remote - Use the app the same way they did with television back then with simplified remotes to avoid the unnecessary complications to pleasure.
  • Music - Turn beats into vibrations by syncing Hush to millions of music through Spotify.
  • Sound - This taps into the power of the microphone as it uses to control the power of the sex toy, with a louder environment leading to stronger vibrations.
  • My Patterns - Take advantage of the endless customization options, which can be saved the way you like it in your own library for future use.

What users love most about Lush is the endless customization options tailored to your own pleasure and satisfaction. From purr to pulses to pounds, there are unlimited vibration patterns available to choose from in the Lovense remote app that is simple enough to access from a smartphone.

The best part is that once you’ve set up your preferred pattern, the Lovense remote app will make sure to save your personalized settings in case you’d want to return to them in the future. You can also share or synchronize certain vibration patterns with a bestie.

You’re not limited to smartphones to access the Lovense app, either. You can download and connect your device to your PC ord Mac. If you have a PC, you’ll need the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect your unit to Windows. You simply need to enable Bluetooth 4.0 for Mac.


In spite of the powerful vibrations, Hush is surprisingly quiet, especially when inserted and running at lower level vibrations. Seems like the alarm vibration pattern won’t be effective in waking you up after all.

This is also partly due to our own anatomy, of course. Your skin is great at dampening the noise of intense vibrations—we can’t promise the same with your moans, though! With that said, Hush can be virtually used anywhere. Try it in a restaurant, in a park, in a movie house, or even in a swimming pool. It’s called Hush for a reason.

It’s a secret that only you and your partner will ever know, and that’s precisely where the thrill of it lies. It’s ideal for places with constant ambient sound, but not too-quiet places like a bookstore. Having Hush on the maximum vibration can also increase its likelihood of being heard, but even then, the thought of strangers knowing what could be going on only adds to the excitement.

Battery Life and Charging Port

Fully charged, the Hush toy has around three to four long hours of battery life, which should be more than enough for most sessions. Wear it for longer and it might start to feel uncomfortable, given how firm the vibrating butt plug is. It’s also important to note that Hush is not meant to be worn for the entire day.

The charging itself will take an estimate of 1.5 hours, give or take. The sex toy uses a USB cable with a 3.5mm plug for charging, which can be used with either a phone adapter or power bank. The plug-in charging port is found at the T-bar base that doesn’t go inside the anus, but it’s highly likely that lube and other bodily fluids can seep into and stay in the port. Cleaning difficulties aside, this exposed contact is unsanitary, considering the high standard we uphold Lovense to.

Those who don’t bother with the troubles of new technology will praise Lovense for thinking about them amid these trying times. Life is hard enough, why complicate a sex toy? You’ll find the usual buttons at the base to turn the sex toy on and off as well as access the most basic vibration patterns that don’t require the Lovesense app to control.

This button also doubles as an indicator to know whether Hush is effectively charging or not. Once Hush is turned on, it will begin advertising itself for Bluetooth-enabled devices to discover.

Waterproof Feature

You don’t have to worry about Hush malfunctioning while plugged inside you, and we have the IPX7 waterproof rating to thank for that. This also means you can submerge the toy in water for a 30 full minutes. This is optimal for when you’re about to take a bath or a plunge in the swimming pool. There’s no true limit to the extent of where and when you can wear Hush.

Another thing being waterproof affords you: Hush is super easy to clean! Just a simple wash with soap and water will do after every session, and you’re good to go.


Inside the package, you’ll find the vibrating butt plug, a charging cable, a small instruction manual, and a warranty registration card. It’s somewhat disappointing given the lack of accessories or storage pouch for its safekeeping.

Like most reliable pleasure stores, discreet packaging is guaranteed by Lovense. The high-end toy is shipped in an equally high-end box—think iPhone packaging with the nice and sleek impression it gives off.

They come with an additional box inside the regular box, perfect for those with family members who like to take a peek inside or open packages without asking. The sender’s name will be “Hytto Ltd” and the bank statement will only show a random code. It’s a simple added layer of protection, but it’s a gesture you’ll appreciate Lovense for.

Pleasure Factor

Before checking out that Hush that’s been sitting in your cart for months, consider the most important factor: what kind of pleasure are you after? Feeling full? Prostate stimulation? Discreet play? Whatever the answer, know that Hush will not provide any direct prostate stimulation. It is, after all, not designed for that.

You might not be able to climax from Hush alone, but it’s great for foreplay and extended use in the public realm. Thanks to the full and firm sensation of Hush, its strong vibrations are sure to press against your internal walls. You win some, you lose some.

Hush can be ideal depending on which area you want to be stimulated. In general, vibrating butt plugs work best for anal opening, perfect for classic anal play! Women who succeed in making Hush work while having vaginal intercourse are bound to experience a one-way ticket to heaven.

Doctor Climax recalls experiencing a “righteous orgasm” in her Hush review. Meanwhile, men who are looking to target the prostate are better off with Lovense’s Edge instead.

We also highly recommend you purchase a water-based lubricant along with your new toy, which can be copped at an extra $10 during checkout. The silicone texture of the sex toy allows even the thinnest of lubes to stick to it well. Just make sure to steer clear of silicone-based lubricants since the materials will react with one another and will negatively impact the sex toy’s overall longevity.

Take note: extended wear also necessitates a constant re-application of water-based lube to keep the experience pleasurable. We know this could be a mood killer for a lot of people, but safety first!

The Verdict: Is the Hush Butt Plug Worth It?

There seems to be a lack of quality control in the production of the Hush sex toy, with many of its dissatisfied users calling the butt plug “underwhelming.” It’s fun, they said, but it’s not meant to last for long, with its shelf life put to a halt after only a few months of use. The Bluetooth connection is intermittent at best and ineffective at worst. Customer service is horrible. It was a great idea but a terrible execution.

It’s not rare to dig up a complaint about Hush on the internet. However, it is important to note Hush still has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, which means Hush is worth the purchase for the vast majority of people because of all the innovative and creative features we mentioned.

Take into account how the sex toy will serve you. Although Hush can be enjoyed alone, with a partner, or a random tipper across the world, there’s not much to get out of it for solo play. You might be better off with a less expensive alternative that gets the job done all the same. At the end of the day, what you’re considering purchasing is a sex toy. What works for one person doesn’t for another. The best we have is other user accounts but make sure to also take it with a grain of salt. Each time you purchase a sex toy, you’re taking on some amount of risk with it.

Overall, Lovense’s Hush butt plug is worth the splurge if you have the means to spare. Otherwise, you might be better off spending your dough elsewhere. Just make sure to remember that cheap is more expensive in the long run.