Whether you are an online sex newbie or a seasoned chat room resident, discussing kinky topics with total strangers can sometimes feel slightly awkward. Things can get even more challenging when sexting a hot girl. You want to pique her interest and eventually get her all hot and bothered, all the while avoiding potential pitfalls and social faux pas.

Don’t worry; it’s perfectly normal to feel out of your depth — we are all at our most vulnerable when sharing our deepest desires or favorite sexual fantasies. Besides, we are here to help. Our selection of dirty questions to turn a girl on will get you out of your sexting writer’s block.

So, crack your fingers, make sure your phone or PC has enough battery power, and start typing. You’ll be amazed at the juicy answers that will begin popping up on your screen!

1. Do You Come Here Often?

That’s a great question to see if she is an experienced user. If you find that she is relatively new to the game, make sure to go slower than usual, or you might scare her off.

2. What Kind of Dirty Chat Do You Like?

You can also ask her related questions such as, “What do you like about online sex chat?”, “What is it about sexting that turns you on?”, or “Why do you like to talk to strangers about sex?”

3. Are There Some Things That Are Off Limits?

This one is a must, even if you are not meeting in real life. If you plan to explore BDSM territory, you two should also agree on a safe word.

4. Are You Open to Using a Webcam or Talking over the Phone?

It’s understandable that, after some sexting chat, you might want to see her face or hear her voice. However, always make sure that she is open to it. The same applies to either sending or receiving nude pics.

5. What Was the Best Dirty Action You’ve Had Recently?

That’s a great question to get her to describe a specific sexual encounter that she really enjoyed. The memory should also get her wet in no time.

6. What Are You Wearing Right Now?

The oldest trick in the book. You may also ask if she is wearing underwear. If she is, then get her to describe it in vivid detail: lace, straps, color — the whole nine yards. You can then describe to her how you’d go about removing her clothing piece by piece. Make sure to leave nothing to the imagination.

7. What’s Your Favorite Sex Position?

If she has one, that’s a great chance to start exploring an imaginary scenario involving her, you, and that position. You could also share your favorite and add it to the mix.

8. What Are Your Erogenous Zones?

If she hesitates or is unsure, then give her some suggestions. Go for the obvious ones, such as boobs and clit, as well as more unusual areas like the ears, neck, or back. Don’t forget to ask her how she’d like you to touch her sweet spots.

9. What’s the Best Orgasm You Ever Had?

This question will help you get to know what makes her reach climax. You can also ask her if she’s ever experienced multiple orgasms — and if you could try your luck at it.

10. Do You Squirt?

Some women do, so it would be great to know if she is one of them. You may also want to know what it feels like and if it is any different than a regular orgasm.

11. Have You Had Sex with More Than One Partner at a Time?

Threesome? Foursome? Orgy? Did she like it? If she hasn’t tried it yet, is she willing to? The possible questions are nearly endless and so much fun.

12. What Gender(s) Are You Attracted To?

If she says that she is bisexual, ask her to compare her sexual experiences with males, females, as well as anyone in between. How were they different? How were they alike? These sorts of questions are not so much about comparing different genders, but more about encouraging her to tell a sexy story sprinkled with zesty details.

13. What Is the Weirdest Place You’ve Had Sex?

If she hasn’t yet explored any more unusual spots, that’s an excellent opportunity to explore fantasy scenarios. If she’s been places, even better — you are in for some titillating stories.

14. Have You Ever Had a One-Night Stand with a Stranger?

If she likes sexting with strangers, chances are she might enjoy them in real life too.

15. Do You Like Sex Toys? What Kind?

If she answers in the affirmative, then get creative and think up scenarios where you make full use of her favorite props.

16. Do You Like Role Plays?

Ask about her favorite scenarios and the roles she likes to play. If she enjoys getting into costume, get her to describe it and how it fits her body in detail. Make sure to also ask her what roles she likes her partners to play, and see if you could play the part!

17. What Things Turn You On the Most?

That could be anything, from different types of physical touch to words, looks, and music. People are vastly different in their sexual preferences, so it’s a good idea to know where she stands.

18. What Turns You Off the Most?

That one is always good to know — you don’t want to inadvertently do or say the wrong thing and make it all, well, anticlimactic.

19. Do You Masturbate?

How often? Does she use toys, other props, or only her hand and fingers? Get her to describe how she pleasures herself from start to finish.

20. Do You Moan During Sex Time?

Even if you can’t hear her voice, you can still imagine it!

21. Do You Enjoy Talking During Sex?

Does she like to talk dirty herself, or does she want her partner to whisper dirty nothings in her ear? Does she like to be called a dirty little s***? Or perhaps she prefers being complimented on how hot she is? Take notes and use what you learn in your conversation.

22. Do You Like Foreplay?

If she does, and many women do, describe how you’d tease and caress her body at great length before getting into the more graphic details. That will make her almost too horny to withstand.

23. Do You Enjoy Oral Sex?

Get her to describe how she’d like to be pleasured — slow or fast, tongue only or with fingers as well. Then, tell her how, if given the chance, you’d build her up toward the climax: starting slow and gentle, teasing her a bit before getting to the clit, both licking and sucking, maybe giving her a tender bite if she’s into that, inserting your fingers inside her vagina, and lifting your head up to kiss her while you whisper dirty words… You catch the drift.

Then, ask her if she likes giving blowjobs. Does she spit or swallow? Or does she prefer teasing a guy, only to stop just when he is ready to explode? If she seems responsive, get her to describe step by step how she’d give you the blowjob of your dreams. Would she let you cum in her mouth or all over her face? On the small of her back or her belly button?

To Conclude

We hope that our list of sexual things to ask a girl over text has given you the inspiration needed to chat up that exciting stranger in the sex room. Just remember to always be respectful, and don’t be shy — a whole world of pleasure awaits!