Asserting dominance during intimate play may sound intimidating at first, especially to those who have little knowledge about the sexual practice. To start with, sexual dominance includes the act of taking partial or complete physical and/or psychological control over your partner during sex, with you as the dominant and your partner as the submissive (or vice versa).

A dominant-submissive (D/s) relationship is the relationship dynamic commonly used within the larger world of BDSM, which trickles down to a variety of sexual behaviors and practices involving power play, such as daddy dom/little girl (DD/LG), collar kink, and CNC (consensual non-consent). For now, we’ll focus on sexual dominance in general.

A Quick Guide on Establishing Your Sexual Dominance

So, you’re thinking of getting into the BDSM scene. You’re confident and you know it in your veins that you have what it takes to dominate your partner in bed. But you’re still unsure how you’re going to do it—and do it well. If you’re someone new to a D/s relationship, you might want to test the waters first. Here’s a short list of the most basic things to do to successfully establish your sexual dominance:

This is the most important step in any D/s setup. Before starting a BDSM session, never forget to ask for your partner’s approval over what you’d like to do to them. Think of it as their much needed heads-up for what’s to come.

2. Communicate well.

Be clear and straightforward in your words. Whatever you’d like them to do, say it exactly how you’re imagining it in your head. If you find it turns on either or both of you, don’t be afraid to talk dirty while you’re at it.

3. Be assertive.

Assert your power and be firm. When you run into a situation where your submissive partner wants you to do something and you’re just not up to it, don’t do it. There’s nothing wrong with reminding them you’re the one in charge.

4. Always keep it safe.

Being the dominant one, you also have to be responsible for the safety of your sessions. Know your partner’s boundaries and limits. In more intense BDSM plays, using a safe word is a good idea.

The D/s Dynamic in Action

One who loves to do the controlling and one who loves to get controlled—splashed with a whole lot of juicy fun—is the perfect recipe for one steamy dom-sub chat session. Watch Today’s Chat Erotica as things heat up quickly with Amanda following Gerard’s every command.

Watch below.

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Prefer to read the actual chat? Here it is:

Here’s the transcript for the video above:

Gerard: Need your pussy played with babe?

Amanda: Yes baby.

Gerard: Mmm what are you wearing?

Amanda: Absolutely nothing.

Gerard: Mmmm lay back babe and start rubbing your pussy back and forth, letting your fingers spread your lips but not go in.

Amanda: Mmmm baby please, I really wanna let one finger in.

Amanda: You’re teasing me baby.

Gerard: 😈 perfect way to get you nice and wet.

Gerard: Okay, just once, nice and slow, feel every inch slide in.

Amanda: Oh god baby.

Amanda: It’s in baby, so deep in.

Amanda: Holy fuck.

Gerard: Mmmm fuck that’s so kinky and hot 😋 I love hearing you say that.

Gerard: Start fingering slowly, teasing yourself, and as you slide your finger in and out, tell daddy your pussy is all mine.

Amanda: I’m trying so hard not to go fast.

Amanda: My pussy is all yours.

Amanda: Yours baby. Fuck.

Gerard: I was just thinking that. ;)

Gerard: Slide your finger out and lick them clean. Then roll over and lie on your stomach with your hand under you rubbing your pussy in slow circles.

Amanda: I’m licking my middle and ring finger clean. I taste so fucking yummy.

Gerard: Mmmm now who’s teasing. 😍

Amanda: I’m rolling over baby.

Gerard: How wet is my girl?

Amanda: I have a huge wet spot in my bed.

Amanda: And my pussy has never been more wet.

Gerard: I love a soaking wet girl.

Amanda: How is my baby’s dick?

Gerard: I’m so hard and horny ughhh.

Gerard: Squeeze your clit between your thumb and index finger and rub them together with it in between.

Amanda: MMMM FUCK.

Gerard: MMM BABY.

Amanda: That felt HEAVENLY.

Amanda: Fuckkkk.

Amanda: Felt so fucking good.

Gerard: Play with that clit like I said. 😘😘

Amanda: Mmmm daddy, fuck I’ve never felt so good.

Gerard: Okay, now slide 3 fingers in and finger horizontally, stretching and filling that tight pussy.

Amanda: Yes daddy.

Amanda: Fuck omggggg.

Amanda: I’m moaning.

Gerard: That’s my girl. You don’t have to go slow.

Amanda: Fuck fuck daddy daddy.

Gerard: I knew I got you wet enough.

Amanda: God I wish they were your fingers instead.

Gerard: Mmmm me too, or my cock.

Amanda: MMM god you are getting me so turned on. 🤤🤤

Gerard: Slide them all the way out and back in every 9-10 strokes. Slide them completely out and back in.

Amanda: Omg baby.

Amanda: I’ve never felt so close to cumming.

Gerard: That’s my girl.

Amanda: BABY I want to feel you pump your cock in me.

Gerard: Take your fingers out and finger your clit fast and deep. I want you to cum all over those fingers like they were my cock.

Amanda: I NEED YOU.

Gerard: Cum for me babe.

Gerard: Cum for daddy.

Gerard: Cover those fingers in your juices like a slut.


Gerard: That’s it, cum for me.

Amanda: Fuck FUCK FUCK BABY.

Gerard: Keep fingering through your orgasm.

Gerard: Don’t you dare fucking stop.

Amanda: Omggggggg omg omg baby.

Gerard: You’re all mine.


Gerard: That’s it slut. Mmmmm fucking cum for me.

Amanda: My legs are shaking.

Amanda: God baby fuck fuck I love you so much.

Gerard: I love you.

Amanda: God, baby it’s your turn.

Amanda: You need to cum.

Gerard: Mmmm I’m stroking my cock now.

Gerard: I’ll cum, I promise. I just want to enjoy you right now and edge.

Amanda: I wanna gag and spit until it’s nice and hard.

Gerard: It’s my favorite, the edging, but you are working up to my favorite real fast.

Gerard: Did you cover those fingers like a good fuck toy?

Gerard: Take your fingers out and rub your clit side to side as fast as you can.

Amanda: Oh no you’re about to make me squirt.

Gerard: Are you really going to let me fuck you as long as I want?

Amanda: Gonna cum babyyy.

Amanda: Yes baby.

Amanda: I seriously want that long, I need it.

Amanda: Omfggggg.

Amanda: I’m not stopping till you are.


Gerard: You are perfect. I love you.

Amanda: I love you baby.

Gerard: Cum again baby. Cum as much and as fast as you want. I love you all sopping wet.

Amanda: Baby, nothing would make me happier if you came for me.

Amanda: I wanna make you cum so you can cum deep in my wet cunt.

Gerard: Trust me, I want it too but even more I want this.

Amanda: I want you to cum sooo bad.

Gerard: I want you all wet playing, it drives me crazy.

Amanda: Cum with me.

Gerard: Okay baby. Wait for me.

Gerard: Let me get there.

Amanda: Okay baby, I will.

Gerard: Fingers back in, slut.

Amanda: Imagine me slurping up your cock real nice and looking you in your eyes while massaging your balls.

Gerard: Fuck, tell me not to stop. Tell daddy how good those fingers feel in your pussy and how soaked you are.

Amanda: Baby, it’s already way past dripping down.. it HAS BEEN dripping down the sides.

Gerard: MMMMM that’s it princess.

Gerard: Mmm fuck I’m close babe.

Amanda: Spitting on your cock as I lick it bottom to top.

Gerard: Oh fuck I’m going to cum.

Gerard: Cum with me babe.

Amanda: Yes daddy fuck.

Gerard: Fuckkkk babeee.

Amanda: Fuck fuck.

Amanda: I’m cumming.

Amanda: Mmmmm babyyyyyy.

Gerard: Fuckkkk.

Disclaimer: All names, characters, businesses, places, and events are fictional unless otherwise specified.