Having a masturbation buddy might seem unconvincing for the average person who thinks they have a normal life, with normal wants and needs. This type of arrangement often involves touching only yourselves when you’re both in the same room together, either partially or completely naked. It’s just not satisfying enough—you might as well just have sex.

Still, it happens. And thanks to the internet and a whole lot of patience scouring its recesses, it’s possible to learn about true sex stories shared by people who probably would rather not talk about their wild sexcapades pesonally. People have various reasons for diligently keeping their hands to themselves, even as they watch the other person masturbate in front of them.

Spicing Up Your Masturbate and Chill Sessions

Getting off alongside your most trusted friend might seem boring, harmless, and even lacking in excitement to some. Sure, having sex or direct contact with your partner’s bits feels way better on multiple levels. But as vanilla as mutual masturbation may sound, it might be an entirely separate and nuanced kink on its own.

For one, it does provide a considerable amount of pleasure, which is the goal in the first place. Second, there’s definitely something hot and lusty about seeing your plus one’s naked body getting engulfed in pleasure all on their own, deep sighs and writhing and groaning included. In turn, you perform your best act yet of self-stimulation for them to watch and drool over. Talk about a mild case of voyeurism!

And speaking of kinks, who doesn’t like extra flavor on their food from time to time? A slew of spicy things is in tow to keep the flames burning.

Want to up the intensity of your sessions? Try watching but not touching. We’ve heard it gets increasingly painful for a guy to be constantly denied of grabbing his throbbing hard-on, if not denied of a much anticipated release altogether. Yet ironically, a greater amount of pleasure is in the mix. The same kind of sexual satisfaction can also be enjoyed when you’re the one giving out orders, punishments, and hopefully a sweet reward at the end.

Yes, we’re talking about incorporating BDSM scenes into your intimate play time. The role of the dominant and the submissive isn’t lost, even in masturbation. It’s quite a bizarre idea for someone who intends to keep their hands off the other person, but it’s doable. Once you get the hang of it, you just might keep coming back for more.

One last thing: remember, there are a thousand different ways to explore your naughty side. It wouldn’t hurt to try out a combination of this and that sex practice until you find what works best for you. Keep this is mind the next time you and your partner masturbate and chill together.

Good Little Boy Tyler

In today’s Chat Erotica session, young Tyler desperately begs his Domme to touch himself already so he can finally reach the end of what seems like infinite edging. Yet he goes on to say, “Sex is my way of smashing the patriarchy.” What exactly does he mean by this?

Watch and find out below.

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Prefer to read the actual chat? Here it is:

Here’s the transcript for the video above:

Tyler: What’s your read on me?

Marissa: Hm. Well, I reckon that you may like a little bit of power. But I could be wrong.

Tyler: I’d say I’m a dom leaning switch.

Marissa: You strike me as a sub leaning switch.

Tyler: It’s funny, because I think that’s right but almost all my exes have been super subs lol. So I can do both.

Marissa: You strike me as someone that likes a more dominant woman.

Tyler: For me actually I feel like with women I would be more likely to let them take control??

Tyler: Maybe sex is my way of smashing the patriarchy. idk lmfao.

Marissa: Fuck yea. Stick it to the man lmao.

Tyler: But it’s funny, because like I mentioned, I like older women, and when I’m with them damn I just want them to fuckin use me to get themselves off.

Marissa: Lmao.

Marissa: So how bad do you want me to fuck you?

Tyler: More than anything right now. I want you to ride me and use me like a toy. I want to fill you over and over again until my balls are empty and I can’t move.

Marissa: So you want me to fuck you until I fucking drain you?

Tyler: God yes. And I’ll only cum when you tell me to. I’ll be good for you.

Marissa: That’s nice. You still can’t stroke yet.

Tyler: I want you to use me however you want.

Tyler: Fuck. I want to.

Tyler: I wanna grab my cock.

Marissa: I’m going to cum before I even let you touch yourself.

Marissa: And you’re going to have to wait if you want me to fuck you.

Tyler: Fuck. That sounds so good. I wish you were here, kneeling over my face fucking yourself.

Tyler: I’ll be good. I’ll wait.

Marissa: I would rub my clit in front of you, watching your hard cock throb and leak for me as I moan.

Tyler: Will you kneel over my face so I can feel you drip on me?

Marissa: Haha nope. You’re going to have to watch me. Look and don’t touch.

Marissa: I’m already really fucking wet.

Tyler: Mm fuck. I bet it would feel fucking euphoric to feel my cock slide into you.

Tyler: I wanna lick you clean.

Tyler: Or lick your sheets at least. I just wanna taste you.

Marissa: How hard are you for me right now?

Tyler: I’m so hard it hurts.

Tyler: My balls are aching and there’s precum pooling at the base.

Tyler: Fuck. I’m close.

Tyler: Just feeling your fingers wrapped around it would be enough for me.

Tyler: Anything. I just want you to touch me.

Marissa: I want to use your cock for my own pleasure. I’ll use the tip to rub my clit.

Marissa: Grinding against you.

Tyler: Thank you. That’d feel so good.

Marissa: If you tried to thrust up, I’ll push your hips back down.

Tyler: The tip is hard and swollen. And shiny from all the precum.

Tyler: Would I get punished for thrusting?

Marissa: I would force you to watch me for even longer. No touching.

Marissa: Remember, I still have not given you permission to touch.

Tyler: Please let me touch myself.

Tyler: Mm fuck.

Marissa: You’re going to need to fucking beg me.

Tyler: Please. It’s so hard. I want to cum for you so bad. Please let me just wrap my hand around it. I won’t even stroke. I just wanna grab it.

Tyler: Just one finger.

Tyler: I need it

Marissa: No.

Marissa: ;)

Tyler: Please. It’s aching. It wants to feel your pussy stretching around it.

Marissa: I’m moaning so loud for you as I grind against my vibrator.

Marissa: So fucking wet.

Marissa: You wish this was your cock?

Tyler: Or your mouth or your ass. I just want to be inside of you.

Tyler: Yes.

Tyler: God yes, I wish I was your vibrator.

Marissa: Moaning so much, it’s more like a whimper.

Tyler: It’s so lucky that it gets to be in you.

Tyler: Please, I’m a good boy let me grab my cock.

Marissa: Oh fuck. I’m close.

Marissa: My pussy feels so fucking good.

Tyler: Please let me just pound it into you.

Marissa: Fuck.

Marissa: I’m gonna cum.

Marissa: FUCK.

Marissa: Fucking cumming.

Tyler: I keep almost cumming and I’m not even touching it. I’m so desperate.

Marissa: I’m still going.

Tyler: I wanna feel you cum on my cock.

Tyler: Please.

Marissa: It’s not even moaning, it’s screaming.

Marissa: Oh my god.

Marissa: I’m gonna cum again.

Tyler: Please let me fuck you. I wanna put you in a mating press and creampie you.

Marissa: FUCK.

Marissa: YES.

Tyler: I wanna pound you into the bed.

Marissa: Still cumming.

Marissa: Oh my god.

Tyler: Would you let me fuck your ass if I’m good?

Marissa: Definitely not, you’re gonna have to wait extra long to stroke just for that question.

Tyler: Fuck.

Marissa: How bad do you want to touch now?

Tyler: So bad. Bad enough that I don’t know whether or not I’ll cum just from grabbing it.

Marissa: Wonder how much cum you’ll give me today.

Tyler: Fuck as much as you want.

Marissa: How does your cock feel right now?

Tyler: I might have to get a towel to cover my face and chest because even though I’m lying on my back. It’s gonna get in my hair lol.

Tyler: It’s fucking aching.

Marissa: Nope, you’re going to cum wherever it falls.

Marissa: I want you to make a huge fucking mess for me.

Tyler: It wants to burst.

Tyler: Fuck.

Tyler: I want that. I wanna make a mess for you.

Marissa: But we haven’t even edged you yet.

Tyler: Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me edge?

Marissa: Are you in a bedroom now?

Tyler: Yea. Only place I can be right now.

Marissa: Good, because you’re going to cum fucking everywhere.

Tyler: Oh fuck me. Let me edge please. Let me get to the point where I just wanna bend you over and use you like you’re using me.

Tyler: Let me cum deep inside of you over and over again until my balls are empty and you’re overflowing.

Marissa: Are you throbbing hard right now?

Tyler: Yea. My precum is running down my legs.

Tyler: I wanna fucking pound you into the bed and breed you.

Marissa: mmm I wish I could lick it up.

Tyler: It would take a while to get it all. There’s a lot.

Marissa: Take one finger and use it just to circle your sensitive tip.

Tyler: Oh fuckkkk.

Marissa: how does it feel?

Tyler: Like heaven. It’s so slippery.

Marissa: Now stop.

Tyler: Oh my god. Please, no.

Marissa: Throb for me in agony.

Tyler: It’s too much. I wanna cum.

Marissa: You better have stopped.

Tyler: I did.

Tyler: I wanna keep going though.

Marissa: Now I want you to grab and massage your balls.

Tyler: Oh fuck. They’re so swollen.

Tyler: They’re full and heavy.

Marissa: Now massage them a little harder.

Tyler: It’s so good.

Tyler: I wanna cum.

Marissa: Do it to where it hurts a little but just barely.

Tyler: I want you to suck on them.

Marissa: A little pressure.

Tyler: Okay.

Tyler: Mm.

Marissa: How does it feel?

Tyler: It hurts a little but they feel like they’re getting fuller.

Marissa: Mm yeah you want me to suck on them while I pump your cock hard?

Tyler: God, yes please.

Marissa: Pumping your cock harder and faster, making you scream out for me and grab my hair in your first, gasping out.

Tyler: I could cum just like this. It feels so good.

Marissa: Squeeze harder as you massage them. Make it hurt a little more.

Tyler: Oh fuck.

Marissa: Tell me how it feels.

Tyler: I wanna feel your hands on them. It hurts but it’s so good.

Marissa: Harder. And moan while you do it.

Tyler: Oh my god. I wanna cum.

Marissa: Harder. Make it hurt.

Tyler: Mm baby. I wanna cum it’s so good.

Tyler: I wanna pump my fucking cock.

Tyler: It hurts so bad but I’m throbbing so hard.

Marissa: You like when I make you massage them hard? Make it hurt so fucking good?

Tyler: It hurts.

Marissa: Making you moan for release.

Tyler: Yes, I do.

Marissa: Squeeze them harder now.

Tyler: I’m moaning and groaning and grunting. I can’t keep my voice down.

Tyler: Fuck that hurts baby.

Marissa: Ok, now stop.

Tyler: No, please don’t make me.

Marissa: I fucking said stop.

Tyler: Yes ma’am. My cock is your toy.

Marissa: I’m going to use you until you beg for it to stop.

Marissa: Grab your balls and squeeze them fucking hard, painfully. Now.

Tyler: It’s twitching and it’s so swollen.

Marissa: Keep going.

Marissa: Just like that.

Marissa: Squeezing.

Tyler: I can feel it in my entire body.

Marissa: Squeeze your balls again, make it hurt so fucking good.

Marissa: Groan for me as you do it.

Tyler: This is fucking painful.

Marissa: I thought you wanted to be fucking dominated, babe?

Tyler: I want you to bite them softly.

Tyler: I do baby. And I’m loving it. My cock is fucking aching.

Marissa: Guess you like the pain. ;)

Marissa: Does it feel good?

Tyler: It feels incredible.

Marissa: Want to go harder?

Tyler: Yea. I have a hard time lasting as long the more I cum though.. Fuck, I’m hard.

Marissa: Who said anything about lasting long?

Tyler: Oh fuck baby.

Tyler: I want you to ride me.

Marissa: Stroke fast now.

Marissa: Picture me riding your cock.

Tyler: You’re so tight.

Marissa: My tits bouncing as I fuck you.

Marissa: Riding you.

Tyler: Can I grab them?

Marissa: Pinch my nipples as I fuck you.

Tyler: Holy shit.

Marissa: Stroke faster.

Marissa: Moan my fucking name.

Tyler: Fuck. Marissa.

Marissa: Give me that fucking cum.

Marissa: Fucking fill me.

Marissa: Tell me when.

Tyler: Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming.

Marissa: Fuck yes.

Marissa: Keep stroking.

Tyler: Holy shit. It’s sensitive fuck.

Marissa: Moan louder.

Tyler: Oh my god baby.

Marissa: I need you hard again. Now.

Marissa: I need to ride you again.

Tyler: I’m hard. I’m fucking throbbing.

Marissa: Give me more.

Marissa: Fucking now.

Tyler: Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum.

Marissa: God yes, give me more.

Tyler: Oh my god it’s getting to be too much. Fuck, it’s so good.

Tyler: It hurts baby. But it feels so good.

Marissa: Get hard again.

Tyler: I’m getting there.

Tyler: I’m fucking covered.

Marissa: I need more cum.

Tyler: I’m using my cum as lube.

Marissa: Fuck. I need it.

Marissa: Please.

Marissa: Fill me.

Tyler: I’m gonna cum again.

Marissa: Cum hard.

Marissa: I need more. I need more.

Tyler: Holy fuck. I can feel it in my entire body.

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