What is Stranger Sex Good For?

Thinking of getting it on with someone you’ve met at the bar? Here are a few things to consider before hitting them up and heading straight to the sheets.

Having sex with a stranger can be easier for you. In comparison to being in a serious relationship, it’s easier to go with the flow and just be in the moment. You don’t have to go through the difficult parts of being with a long-term partner.

It can also be very exciting. If thrill is what you seek, then by all means have at it. Having sex with someone you barely know can leave you wondering what to expect from them. What delightful surprise might you be in for? You’ll never know unless you try.

It can be a good way to explore your sexuality without the commitment or strings attached. But also, it can be an opportunity for you to get to know the other person more. Who knows? They might just be who you’re looking for in a long-term partnership.

When hot passion meets intensity, it slowly but steadily builds up into a constellation of wild fantasies, unexplainable desires, and a whole lot of steamy fun. In today’s Chat Erotica session, we follow two strangers as one helps the other overcome her limits in the world of carnal pleasures, making it harder for them to resist one another.

Watch below.

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Prefer the actual chat? Here it is.

Here’s the transcript for the video above:

Kristoff: I wanna tell you a secret.

Adèle: Tell me.

Kristoff: I’d like to fuck you deep in the ass.

Kristoff: Push my dick hard into it.

Adèle: Oooh yes, fuck me deep.

Kristoff: It would kinda hurt you at the beginning.

Kristoff: But I couldn’t stop because it would make me too horny.

Adèle: Do it. Please.

Kristoff: I will enlarge your butthole.

Kristoff: I hope you will moan hard.

Adèle: I know I’ll have pleasure.

Adèle: Do you like my pussy, Kristoff?

Kristoff: I like it.

Kristoff: I wanna lick it all day long.

Adèle: Ooh yes, lick my pussy all day long, mmm.

Adèle: Make me yours.

Kristoff: I wanna rub my dickhead on your pussy lips just to tease you.

Kristoff: Without putting it inside.

Adèle: Mmm.

Kristoff: I wanna feel a lot of you fucking wet on my dickhead.

Adèle: Ooh yes, I am so wet.

Kristoff: Like an obedient slut.

Adèle: Yes, I am your slut. Hehe.

Kristoff: Would you spit on my cock ?

Kristoff: In a very nasty way.

Adèle: Yes, I wanna spit on your cock, mmm.

Kristoff: You’re a good girl, I like that.

Adèle: Yes, in a very nasty way.

Kristoff: I want you to be my sexual slave.

Adèle: I want to make you happy.

Kristoff: But I only want you to do things that turns you on with me.

Kristoff: I don’t want you to do something you don’t like.

Adèle: Okay, Kristoff.

Kristoff: Because I wanna hear you moan.

Kristoff: That’s what makes me horny the most.

Kristoff: That you take so much pleasure that it makes you insane.

Adèle: Oooh yes, I wanna lose my mind for you.

Kristoff: I’d like to spank your ass so hard right now.

Adèle: Oooh yes, spank my ass.

Kristoff: Would it make you cry?

Adèle: If I cry, this is for the real pleasure.

Kristoff: I would put my tongue inside your mouth if you cry.

Adèle: Oooh Kris, oooh

Kristoff: Because it would make me wanna kiss you.

Kristoff: I would bite your lips too.

Adèle: Kiss me passionately.

Adèle: Oooh yes, bite my lips.

Kristoff: Damn, we would make love all day long.

Adèle: All day long, baby.

Kristoff: I’d like to blow my load while you deeply suck my cock.

Adèle: Oooh yes, Kris, mmm oh yes.

Adèle: Your cock is so hard, mmm so good.

Kristoff: Why are you in Italy? And which nationality are you?

Adèle: Let’s go on having fun please.

Kristoff: Why do you wanna hide this?

Adèle: I really don’t understand why you’re asking me so many questions.

Kristoff: Because I want to know you.

Adèle: I work here, just that.

Kristoff: What kind of job you do there ?

Adèle: Guess. :)

Kristoff: Are you an artist? A photographer?

Adèle: Oh wow.

Adèle: I’m flattered :) that you think I’m an artist.

Adèle: I like to paint.

Adèle: But I’m not living from it.

Kristoff: Art is amazing.

Adèle: What about you?

Kristoff: It’s related to a particular branch of science.

Adèle: Tell me. I am curious.

Kristoff: I’m a psychologist.

Kristoff: That’s why you like to ask so many questions.

Kristoff: Not really, I like to ask you questions because I’m interested about you.

Adèle: Okayy then, I am happy you’re asking me so many questions.

Kristoff: If I have sex with someone, I want to know her.

Adèle: Tell me, do you like to live with high intensity?

Kristoff: Who doesn’t?

Kristoff: Live life to the fullest.

Adèle: I like the chemistry between us.

Adèle: We like passion and high intensity.

Kristoff: Paint is a form of freedom…

Kristoff: Being naked in bed, and having a conversation like this.

Kristoff: While our hands are touching each others. You don’t like that?

Adèle: I like art and I also like passion in sex

Kristoff: I could speak to you about any topic while my hand is touching your pussy

Adèle: Conversation is important too.

Kristoff: I would just keep on asking you questions, and wait until your voice cracks when you start to be horny.

Adèle: Yes, this is nice. You can keep asking me questions.

Adèle: You seem a nice person to know.

Kristoff: Have you ever jerked off a guy with your feet ?

Adèle: No, ever.

Adèle: Maybe I can try, but I’ve never done it.

Adèle: What do you feel when a woman makes you jerk with her feet?

Kristoff: It really turns me on a lot.

Kristoff: Because I think that women’s feet are sexy.

Adèle: Mmm, nice.

Adèle: What am I for you, if you want to tell me?

Kristoff: You are a smart, sensitive and delicate person.

Kristoff: Mysterious too, intriguing.

Adèle: Your words are beautiful. I really appreciate it.

Adèle: You are a nice person, you live with high intensity and enthusiasm.

Kristoff: I don’t know if I’m nice.

Kristoff: I can be pretty brutal when I have a desire.

Adèle: It’s a different matter, when you have desire. You are a nice person to talk with.

Kristoff: That’s why I appreciate your company.

Adèle: I appreciate your company too. It’s difficult to find a nice soul like yours.

Kristoff: Of course I like bodies, but I also like to go beyond that.

Adèle: I hope we’ll stay in touch, there is a lot we could discuss together.

Kristoff: Of course physical aspect is important, but there is further more to know.

Kristoff: Despite that, your pussy makes me horny.

Adèle: Do you really like my pussy ?

Kristoff: Yea, especially your pussy lips.

Kristoff: I’d like to lick them very slowly.

Adèle: Mmm yes, lick them.

Adèle: Slowly so you can taste my juices.

Adèle: I feel your tongue licking my pussy lips, mmm.

Kristoff: I wanna lick your clit, and make you moan like my whore.

Adèle: Yes, ooooh yes, lick my clit.

Adèle: I am your whore in bed.

Kristoff: Would you let me suck your toes too ?

Adèle: Yes. Suck my toes, mmm.

Kristoff: It’s so good, mmm so good.

Adèle: Please lick my toes, mmm.

Kristoff: I wanna rub my cock and my balls on your face.

Kristoff: And make you smell all of it.

Adèle: Yes, I wanna smell you.

Kristoff: I wanna smell your pussy too.

Kristoff: It would make me so horny.

Adèle: Oooh yes, smell my pussy.

Kristoff: I would even smell your ass.

Adèle: I want to make you horny, mmm.

Adèle: You can smell my ass too.

Adèle: You deserve the best.

Kristoff: I’d like to put one finger in your wet pussy.

Kristoff: I would go deep inside and stay there, moving it up and down.

Kristoff: I would lick your clit at the same time.

Kristoff: Pinch your nipples with my other hand.

Adèle: Oooh yes, oooh yes, deeper mmm. It’s so good mmm.

Adèle: Yes, pinch my nipples. This makes me so hot mmm.

Kristoff: Whenever we are sleeping together, I would wake up and suck your tits.

Adèle: Omg, this is my dream.

Adèle: Wake up with you sucking my tits, mmm.

Adèle: Look at my eyes while you do this, mmm.

Kristoff: What if I slap your face, would you slap me back?

Adèle: I like it, mmm sweet and violent.

Adèle: I wanna slap you back.

Adèle: You are so intense, I really like this.

Kristoff: Hmmmm.

Adèle: So hot, mmm mmm.

Kristoff: I like the fact that you don’t hesitate to slap me back.

Kristoff: It’s hot.

Kristoff: I wanna spit on your face and then kiss you, is it too dirty for you?

Adèle: No, you can do it.

Kristoff: Hmmmm fuck yea.

Kristoff: This is passion.

Kristoff: Spit on my face too.

Adèle: Yes, hot passion.

Kristoff: I want you to be free with me.

Adèle: I spit on your face too.

Adèle: Then I kiss you.

Kristoff: I wanna lick your sweat

Kristoff: On your armpits.

Adèle: Lick my sweat mmm.

Kristoff: I want you to lay down your naked body on me, and kiss me while my nasty pervert hands are grabbing your ass.

Adèle: I feel totally free with you.

Kristoff: Or fingering your asshole.

Kristoff: That’s great.

Adèle: I really enjoy it, mmm.

Adèle: I kiss you while you grab my ass.

Kristoff: I’ll spank it very hard.

Adèle: Ooh yes, spank me hard.

Adèle: My nipples are so hard, mmm.

Adèle: My body really wants you so bad.

Kristoff: The inside of your pussy is tickling you just cos you wanna feel me inside you.

Adèle: Yes, I wanna feel you inside me, mmm.

Kristoff: I would rub my cock over your pussy lips.

Kristoff: On your clit.

Kristoff: At the entrance of your pussy.

Kristoff: I would do it as long as I can resist.

Adèle: Oooh yes, oooh yes.

Adèle: It’s so good.

Adèle: I am looking at you in a very nasty way.

Kristoff: I wanna feel your clit pulse on my dick.

Kristoff: Yea, keep on looking at me like this.

Kristoff: I want you to look at me like a whore.

Adèle: Yes, yes, make it pulse.

Kristoff: I would make you a whore and a queen at the same time.

Adèle: You are my king and my dirty man, mmm.

Kristoff: Hmmm.

Kristoff: You can insult me too.

Kristoff: You can do all the things I do to you.

Kristoff: I want you to feel totally yourself with me.

Adèle: Still looking at you like a nasty whore.

Kristoff: Please show me your feet.

Adèle: I want so bad your dick now

Adèle: In my wet pussy.

Kristoff: Show them to me, I wanna jerk off looking at your feet.

Adèle: You have to discover me step by step.

Kristoff: What if I wanna pee on your face?

Adèle: Maybe this is too nasty.

Adèle: Never tried that.

Kristoff: I’d like you to pee on me too.

Kristoff: Would you do it?

Kristoff: Answer sincerely.

Adèle: I am not sure about that.

Kristoff: I like the fact that you’re honest.

Adèle: ;D

Kristoff: I would still want it though. :)

Adèle: Can I ask you, why do you like that?

Kristoff: Very hard to answer that.

Kristoff: Probably cos it turns me on to go that far.

Kristoff: If a woman accepts that, it means she is ready to do everything for me.

Adèle: Ok, you were honest. ;D

Kristoff: And it’s like being an animal.

Kristoff: Peeing on your property.

Adèle: Yes, it’s something wild.

Kristoff: I like being wild.

Adèle: Me too. :)

Kristoff: Imagine you and me outdoors, like in a forest.

Adèle: Wow ;D

Kristoff: Don’t bend over to drink. :)

Adèle: No, no, ahahaha.

Kristoff: Show me your feet. Take just one pic.

Kristoff: Pleaaaaaase. :)

Adèle: Feet really turn you on, huh? Hmmm.

Kristoff: You are really turning me on, but I wanna see your feet so bad.

Adèle: I know Kris. ;D

Kristoff: Just one.

Adèle: Here’s the pic for you. Hope you like it.

Adèle: (pic)

Kristoff: You made it. It means a lot to me :)

Kristoff: It’s strange to me that you’ve never done it to anyone but me.

Adèle: Yes, it’s something special. Something I wanna do for you.

Kristoff: I wanna kiss you so bad when you say that.

Adèle: You’re so sweet, my king.

Kristoff: Hard and sweet, my queen.

Kristoff: I’d like you to rub them on my cock now.

Adèle: Okay. I put my feet on your cock. Mmm.

Kristoff: They would make my cock warm and hard.

Adèle: Oooh, I love that.

Adèle: I like caressing your cock with my feet.

Kristoff: I also want you to cover my face with your ass.

Adèle: Do you like my wetness?

Kristoff: I like the taste of it.

Kristoff: I wanna lick your asshole too.

Adèle: I stick my feet gently on you, mmmm.

Kristoff: I wanna smell your ass and your feet.

Adèle: I want you to feel every part of me.

Kristoff: I want you to pee on my face, will you do it ?

Kristoff: I want to establish a deep connection, mmm.

Adèle: Maybe I can overcome this limit.

Kristoff: Really? Would you?

Adèle: But slowly, slowly.

Adèle: Never imagined I could do something like this.

Kristoff: Oh yes please, slowly pee on my face.

Kristoff: Call me a nasty asshole if you want.

Adèle: You are my nasty asshole, mmm mmm.

Kristoff: If you do it, I would grab your head and force you to take all of my hard cock inside your mouth.

Adèle: Okay. I start peeing on your face

Adèle: Peeing gently, my love.

Kristoff: Mmmm, you are so hot.

Kristoff: It makes me wanna cum inside your mouth.

Adèle: You too, my love.

Kristoff: I want you to swallow all of my cum.

Adèle: Yes, I wanna taste your cum, my king.

Kristoff: Would it make you hornier to swallow it?

Adèle: Yes, hornier for you, my king.

Kristoff: Overcome all your limits for me.

Adèle: Yes, mmm mmm mmm.

Adèle: Fuck me, Kris. Mmm fuck me harder.

Kristoff: Yea, baby.

Kristoff: Tell me a big town that’s in the center.

Adèle: Rome.

Kristoff: I went to Rome twice.

Adèle: Did you enjoy it?

Kristoff: The city is gorgeous, and the food is great.

Adèle: Yes, lots of history and art.

Adèle: I like to eat, fuck and appreciate art.

Kristoff: Indeed. I like girls who enjoy eating.

Adèle: I would like to organise for you a special dinner.

Adèle: With delicious food on my naked body. ;)

Kristoff: Oh yea? I’ve never tried that. :)

Kristoff: But be careful I might eat you too. :)

Kristoff: I’ll start with the ass.

Adèle: I like this plan, you eat all the dishes on my body and then start eating me mmm.

Kristoff: If you are naked, I would probably be less focused on the food. :)

Adèle: It would be amazing and special, like magic.

Kristoff: I’m sure we will both cum several times.

Adèle: Yes, we can cum both, our passion is so intense, so deep.

Kristoff: I would rub my cock on your ass like a real perv.

Kristoff: Grabbing your breasts from behind.

Adèle: Mmm, I like that.

Kristoff: I want you to spread your ass in front of me and show me your opened asshole.

Adèle: Yes, I wanna open my ass so wide, mmm, so it would be harder for you to resist.

Kristoff: I’d like your pussy in my mouth right now.

Adèle: When this pandemic will end, I will travel there.

Kristoff: Take a good sleep before coming :)

Adèle: So I can put for real my pussy on your mouth.

Kristoff: I would suck your nipples so bad.

Adèle: Oooh yes, Kris hmmm, I like that.

Kristoff: Be prepared because I would cum a lot in your ass.

Adèle: Fill my ass with your cum.

Adèle: I want you to cum in all my holes.

Kristoff: You will enjoy that.

Disclaimer: All names, characters, businesses, places, and events are fictional unless otherwise specified.