There are plenty of ways to satisfy your sexual curiosity. You can read about it, learn from your actual experience, or have a fun and healthy conversation with your closest friends. But another good option that some people easily tend to dismiss is having a random sex talk with someone you’ve just met online.

Your nosy aunt might raise an eyebrow at the idea, but chatting with a friendly stranger about intimacy, sexuality, and lovemaking can be just as much fun and enlightening as long as you keep it safe and respectful.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Alex is a young guy who says he prefers looking at sexy gifs over watching porn. Luckily for him, sending one turns out to be a good conversation starter with Vanessa, a married Asian MILF who opens herself up to having a harmless chat about all things sex.

A few questions right off the bat and both of them hit it off. Soon enough, they engage in a straightforward, no-beating-around-the-bush sex talk filled with all the right visual stimuli for them to enjoy and discuss over.

What Does an Asian MILF Like or Not Like in Bed?

With the young lad taking over the chat, he doesn’t shy away from asking the Asian MILF even the tiniest details of what she likes to do and get done to her in bed. Vanessa doesn’t have a second thought about sharing her sneaky adventures with her hubby either.

Curious Alex wants to know: Does she get turned on just by kissing? What are her thoughts on finger-sucking? How good is she at deep-throating? And does rhythm matter much in penetration?

Find out in their live chat below.

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Part 2

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Part 4

Prefer reading the actual chat? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s the transcript for the video above:

Vanessa: Playful

Alex: Have you ever done that?

Vanessa: Yes, but not by the door.

Alex: How was your day? Did you cum?

Vanessa: No. I went for a hike.

Alex: Oh, that’s awesome. Much better than my day!

Alex: That’s a bit odd but I kinda like it, I think, lol.

Vanessa. Haha. Ever do it?

Alex: I never have, never even thought about it. Have you?

Vanessa: Yeah, when I was young and clueless, haha.

Alex: Lok, it does kinda look dumb but I’m a boob guy I guess.

Vanessa: Yeah, it’s one of those things you try once and forget, haha.

Alex: That makes sense. It’s better looking at it in porn than in reality.

Alex: What are your thoughts on finger sucking?

Vanessa: Hmmm. Has no sexual function. You steal it from porn, haha.

Alex: Yeah, I do think it’s hot if I fingered a girl’s pussy then sucked her finger’s. That’s sexy. This is different though.

Vanessa: Oh, that is hot.

Alex: Especially with some eye contact, hehe.

Vanessa: Exactly. ;)

Alex: Do you get turned on from just kissing?

Vanessa: OMG, yes. Do you?

Alex: Yes, it’s one of my favorite things. It’s the beginning of a movie you’ve never seen before that you’re excited for.

Vanessa: So true! And girls need it go get us going.

Alex: I could kiss for hours and just make out. I’d have blue balls and jerk off later but I really enjoy it. Haha.

Vanessa. Mmm, me too. I miss those times.

Alex: Does rhythm matter much?

Vanessa: For me, no. But I guess fucking rhythmic.

Alex: I used to change it up like two faster thrusts then a slower, deeper thrust.

Vanessa: I think if it’s working from girl’s perspective, don’t change it up.

Vanessa: Do you know what’s most frustrating during sex?

Alex: What’s that?

Vanessa: Something feels good, you say, “OMG, that’s amazing,” and a guy thinks if that feels good, he should do it harder or faster… And it’s like no.

Alex: Haha. That means keep doing the same damn thing and don’t change anything. More is not always better.

Vanessa: Exactly! Every guy does it.

Alex: And even if they know not to change, when they get closer, we go harder anyways. Haha, not ideal.

Vanessa: Those boobs are close to mine.

Alex: Well then, your breasts are as gorgeous as your personality. ;)

Vanessa: ;)

Alex: How good are you at deep throating?

Vanessa: I gag, so I’m not, guess.

Alex: Can you take the tip? Or is that tough for you as well?

Vanessa: No, I can do tip.

Alex: That’s nice. ;) I like my tip sucked. ;) LOL

Vanessa: That I do. ;)

Vanesa: Mmmm.

Alex: Hehe, IDK how she wasn’t poked a hole in the blanket and how she is wearing heels but her outfit is really hot and I love that view and position, hehe.

Vanessa: I have not worn a g-string in years.

Alex: It doesn’t seem practical but it’’s hot.

Vanessa: They are less comfortable than a thong.

Vanessa: OMG, that’s so hot.

Alex: Do you ever watch lesbian or threesome porn.

Vanessa: I only watch what guys send me.

Alex: Oh really? I don’t look at much other than GIFs. I don’t watch porn very often. I prefer conversation.

Vanessa: Same.

Vanessa: Guys send me pics to discuss, a lot like this.

Alex: It takes more than just visual stimulation.

Vanessa: OMG, true.

Alex: I would rather have the mental over the visual, but it’s much easier to start and keep a conversation going with that visual element.

Vanessa: True. A guy who seduces my mind gets a lot, a guy who seduces my body primarily is hard road.

Alex: That makes sense.

Vanessa: OMG. I love it.

Alex: This one is so sexy. I love slowly undressing my lover. Do you like being undressed like that?

Vanessa: Yes. But it’s odd. It’s so rare now… sad.

Vanessa: I love how he cups her breasts right after, like he took his time taking her bra off on purpose but he really couldn’t wait to feel her soft breasts.

Alex: I’ll undress you anytime. ;) LOL

Vanessa: There’s shyness and excitement.

Alex: You’re right. I could see myself being like that.

Vanessa: Hmmm. ;)

Vanessa: So hot.

Alex: This one is hot. He must’ve unbuttoned her shirt after some deep kissing. He looks like he just got home from work.

Vanessa: There’s a coffee cup. Early morning fool around session… “Think of me till tonight,” then he heads to work.

Alex: Oooh. Nice catch with the coffee cup. I bet you’re right. That’s so hot.

Alex: Do you like her outfit?

Vanessa: I hate that outfit, haha.

Alex: Why don’t you like about it. I like her knee-high nylons best.

Vanessa: I’m not sure about the tie around her belly. Looks restrictive.

Alex: If it’s like too thin, I agree with you on that.

Vanessa: Will push up our rolls, haha.

Alex: Haha.

Vanessa: Mmmm. Perfect roughness and excitement.

Alex: I love that little squeeze and I bet his cock is hard pressed against her thigh.

Vanessa: Or between her ass cheeks. ;)

Alex: Yesss, between her ass cheeks pressed down. ;)

Vanessa: Mmmm.

Alex: That would be my choice, hehe.

Vanessa: OMG mmmm.

Alex: Do you mind having your hips or legs held for some extra leverage and thrust.

Vanessa: Hmmm, with hubby it hurts.

Alex: Because of that angle?

Vanessa: I really enjoy it.

Vanessa: But he gets too deep and aggressive.

Vanessa: He bruised my cervix once doing doggy.

Alex: Sometimes, I can get going too and make that slapping sound, my hips hit against her ass cheeks. I love that sound.

Vanessa: OMG, so do I. I miss it.

Alex: I love doing this after performing oral. I also like doing it with an ice cube then sliding it around her areola.

Vanessa: Ohhhh, nice. Haven’t tried

Alex: Hehe, I have playing with breasts on my mind.

Vanessa: I can see. ;)

Alex: I love how she’s on the counter. What do you think the situation is here?

Vanessa: I can give you a real life one.

Alex: Hehe, I’d love to hear it.

Vanessa: While dating my husband, he fucked me at a table prior to us hosting a dinner party. My ass print and cum stain was on the table. I put his plate there to hide it and told him to leave it there.

Alex: Haha! That’s such a good and sexy story. I have one kinda close, hehe.

Vanessa: Share. ;)

Alex: I was 18 or 19 and I was house-sitting this massive house. It was like a modern wooden log cabin style. The kitchen was so big and there was this giant marble island.

Alex: Since I had the alone space, I invited my GV over and we fucked on that marble counter, but after she came I pulled out and she jerked me off while she was lying naked on the counter.

Alex: I got cum all over her chest and the counter, but we had dipped into their booze and were a little tipsy and completely forgot to clean it up and left it there, haha.

Alex: Sorry, that’s a long drawn out story.

Vanessa: No, it’s okay. It’s too funny! Haha!

Disclaimer: All names, characters, businesses, places, and events are fictional unless otherwise specified.