If you’ve just gone single but aren’t ready to mingle yet, engaging in sex with your ex-lover might be an easy fix especially when you’re sad and alone on a Friday night. But you probably have a deeper reason for wanting to hook up with your ex.

You might be lonely and want physical touch, and it’s more emotionally safe and convenient to do it with someone you know and who knows you quite well. It feels more comfortable to have sex with someone who’s already seen you naked and vulnerable before—you don’t have to hide your insecurities anymore. You don’t have to go through the awkwardness of sharing your body with someone for the first time.

It might also just be an attempt to avoid feeling pain and uncertainty by seeking a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Lastly, you might think you still love them and hope to rekindle the relationship and months or years of love lost. If this sounds like you, you need to make sure both you and your ex-partner are on the same page, meaning you share the same desire of getting back together. Otherwise, you risk getting your feelings hurt all over again.

Having Sex with Your Ex: Good or Bad?

There are plenty of possibilities that could happen. One of you might be hoping to get back in the relationship while the other might be drawing the line at keeping it purely physical. If done under vague arrangements and without clear expectations, you will hinder the process of emotionally healing through the breakup, or just render the state of your relationship worse entirely. In other words, you will bring more hate than love.

Or you could turn things around and agree to get back together again, which, if you ask us, isn’t all that bad.

There’s certainly still a stigma surrounding the idea of having sex with your ex, but experts say it isn’t as harmless as most people might think. It all depends on your reason for doing it. What’s important is you check in with your feelings and really be honest about what’s motivating you to scratch the itch and end up running back to familiar arms.

Jason Discovers His Ex’s Dirty Little Secret

They say love is sweeter the second time around. We say love-making is raunchier the second time around!

In today’s Chat Erotica session, we follow past lovers as they reunite in an unforgettable experience one steamy night… especially for Jason, who finds out all about Alice’s dirty little secret. And this may make or break their relationship once and for all.

Watch below.

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Prefer the actual chat? Read on below.

Here’s the transcript for the video above:

Jason: I have a new romantic idea.

Alice: Sure, tell me about it.

Jason: Bf and gf, constantly making each other jealous.

Alice: All right. Totally up for it.

Jason: Trust issues, hot sex.

Alice: Haha yes, story of every relationship.

Jason: Haha yep.

Alice: So how do you wanna begin?

Jason: What about we’ve broken up for the 5th time?

Alice: So toxic for each other, yet not ready to leave.

Jason: Yes.

Jason: It was just a normal Monday, fucked up as I sat in the coffee shop.

Jason: Thinking how did I end up here.

Jason: I see you, my heart aches for you, but knowing you’re bad for me.

Alice: Seeing you breaks my heart too.

Jason: Just thinking how could I make this work.

Alice: I walk in and walk up to the counter, looking up to see you.

Jason: My heart skips a beat, as I look in your eyes glistening.

Alice: I giggle and blush, “Can I get a latte please?” I say, looking down nervously.

Jason: “Haha yeah, btw the latte’s on me.”

Alice: “You sure?”

Jason: “Yep. It’s been so long since I last saw you.”

Alice: I’m reading a magazine when you serve my coffee. “Thank you…yeah, it’s been a year?”

Jason: “Just a year ago, we were out here on this same table making out like bunnies. And look at us today.”

Alice: I giggle and blush. “Yeah…before you slept with my best friend,” I say looking down.

Jason: “Umm.. Ouch. Yeah, that was stupid of me. I don’t know what was I thinking.”

Jason: I hold your hand.

Alice: I nod my head and sip my coffee, feeling nervous.

Jason: “Listen, I’m really sorry for what happened.”

Jason: “It’s been over a year, and yet I still can’t get you out of my head.”

Alice: I look up at you, feeling your hand in mine. “Yeah, I know I’ve moved on…you know, I’m trying.”

Jason: “You don’t have to.”

Alice: “What do you mean?”

Jason: I make you feel my heartbeat with your hands. “Listen to this. Feel this.”

Jason: “I still miss you like crazy.”

Alice: “I miss you,” I whisper.

Jason: “I wake up crying, thinking you’re not in my bed anymore.”

Alice: I bite my lip and tear up and hug you tightly.

Jason: “I’m sorry,” I whisper, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Jason: And kiss you gently.

Alice: I kiss you back softly.

Jason: “I still love you.”

Alice: “I still love you too.”

Jason: Our kiss gets more passionate, more intense.

Alice: Moaning against your lips, wanting you so badly.

Jason: I grab you by your waist, grazing my hands across your thighs.

Alice: I groan against your lips “I want you…”

Jason: “I fucking want you too.”

Alice: “Take me on a date first,” I whisper, panting.

Jason: Shaw’s say 7 pm?

Alice: Perfect.

Alice: I change into a tight red dress hugging my curves and tits.

Jason: I wear a black outfit, crisp shirt and pants.

Alice: I wait for you at my apartment.

Jason: Got some flowers and ring your doorbell.

Alice: I answer and open the door.

Alice: Kissing you and blushing. “Hey.”

Jason: Moaning against your lips.

Jason: I look up and down on your body.

Jason: “Gosh, you’re so fucking beautiful.”

Alice: “We better go to dinner before I invite you inside.”

Jason: “Dinner can wait.”

Jason: “Mind if I feel you up a bit more?” as I spank your red hot ass.

Alice: I giggle and pull you inside, gripping your collar, kissing you passionately

Jason: Mmmm yes, I start licking your neck

Alice: Leaning against the door, ripping your shirt open, moaning as you kiss my neck

Jason: Biting and giving hickeys as i lick it up all the way through your collarbone.

Alice: “Fuck I missed you.”

Jason: “Ohh god, yes, I missed you, too.”

Alice: I blush as you undress me, I tug your jeans down roughly, just in your boxers.

Jason: My cock gets harder as I see you in your slutty lingerie.

Alice: “What now?” I say smiling.

Jason: I pull out handcuffs from the bouquet I got for you.

Alice: I gasp excitedly. “Fuck baby,” I say.

Jason: You remember our first night here, honey?

Alice: I nod my head smiling cheekily, “How could I forget?”

Jason: I tie your hands to the bed.

Alice: I bite my lip as you restrain me

Jason: As I blindfold you.

Alice: Moaning in anticipation.

Alice: “What are you doing baby?”

Jason: “Shhh”

Jason: I pop a bottle of wine, you hear it pop.

Alice: I giggle excitedly. “Champagne, baby?”

Jason: I pour it all over you while stripping your lingerie off.

Alice: I pant excitedly as I’m covered in champagne, and stripped.

Jason: I suck those boobs off with champagne.

Jason: Biting your nipples.

Alice: Arching my back, groaning loudly.

Jason: God, I missed this.

Alice: “Fuck baby,” I whisper.

Jason: Now I slowly roll across your thighs.

Jason: Rolling down my tongue in your inner thighs, as I cover it all up with my saliva and champagne.

Alice: Panting harder and harder.

Jason: Around your clit, just grazing on it.

Alice: Mmm, moaning in pleasure

Jason: And suddenly groping your clit and eating it wildly.

Alice: Panting desperately as I squirt hard.

Jason: Shoving 3 fingers inside you

Jason: As I roll my tongue and spit on your clit.

Alice: So overcome with pleasure, cumming over and over.

Jason: Oh god, I make you cum over and over again till your pussy vibrates.

Jason: “You ready to feel my cock after a year baby?”

Alice: I nod my head “Yes baby…I’ve missed you.”

Jason: We get into missionary as I spread your legs wide apart.

Alice: I kiss you deeply, sucking on your tongue.

Jason: And shove my huge cock slowly in your pussy.

Alice: It goes in smoothly.

Alice: I groan and wrap my legs around you, my slutty pussy used by many men.

Jason: Wondering it used to feel a lot tighter than before.

Jason: But then I start to drill you.

Alice: Biting my lip and letting you use me, feeling so in love with you.

Jason: Kissing you hard all the while looking deep in your eyes and fucking you hard.

Jason: Grabbing your boobs.

Jason: My pace keeps getting faster.

Alice: “Use me…” I whisper.

Jason: “These boobies have also grown, aahhh.”

Alice: I giggle secretively.

Jason: “How did they increase so much in a year? Gosh.”

Alice: I blush and whisper in your ear, “Boob job.”

Jason: “What, you got a boob job?”

Alice: Panting harder as you pound me. “I needed it for my job.”

Jason: Shocked. “What job?” as I continue digging you deeper with every stroke.

Alice: Groaning and losing control. “I’m a prostitute,” I say before I cum hard.

Jason: “Yeahh, yeah baby, you’re my prostitute.”

Alice: I giggle and groan, not wanting to hurt you.

Alice: Panting so hot and sweaty.

Alice: Reverse cowgirl, grinding you like a pro.

Jason: I feel shocked again seeing you bend so much.

Alice: So flexible, our bodies so hot and sweaty together.

Jason: I groan hard as I feel you twerking on my cock, something I never saw before babeeeee.

Alice: Groaning as I go harder, feeling your balls slap my pussy lips loudly.

Jason: “How much did you learn in one year gosshhhhh.”

Alice: “Yeah baby…fuck me…yes, I’m your slut.”

Jason: I spank your ass red with every stroke.

Alice: “Harder…punish me,” I scream out.

Jason: Dig sooo deep and hard I feel your pussy clenching as I choke you from the back.

Jason: Getting so turned on by this dominance.

Jason: I cum so fucking hard.

Alice: I collapse in your arms as I feel you cum inside me.

Alice: Panting desperately as your cum leaks out of my pussy.

Alice: Our bodies intertwined.

Jason: And we fall asleep.

Alice: Next morning I get up early and leave you a note. “Heading to meet a client.”

Jason: “What client is she talking about?” I think in my head.

Alice: I head to a fancy hotel and meet my client, a married man who’s into BDSM and we do some BDSM play for a few hours.

Alice: Letting him fuck my ass, punishing him and spanking him and teasing him.

Jason: I call you up in the middle of the session.

Alice: I hear my phone buzzing, his cock in my ass…

Jason: “Hello, Alice?”

Alice: I tell him to pause for a moment… I answer. “Hey baby…you okay?”

Jason: “Yes. I was wondering if you wanna take that dinner we skipped.. Go for a proper date and then spice it up in bed at night?”

Alice: “Sure…I’m at work right now. Tonight at 7, is that okay?”

Jason: I hear that person’s voice as he spanks your ass.

Jason: “Wait Alice, who is that?”

Alice: I look up at my client, telling him to be quiet.

Jason: He gets all angry and says, “This is not what I paid you for, slut!”

Alice: “Oh sorry, it’s my coworker. He’s having issues with his computer.”

Jason: “What the fuck why is he calling you a slut?!”

Alice: “Baby, it’s nothing. It’s just the TV in my office,” I say getting nervous.

Jason: He says, “Put down the phone and suck my cock.”

Jason: “Alice, where are you?”

Jason: “And who the fuck is that guy?!”

Alice: “Baby. I have to go, I’m sorry,” I say hanging up.

Jason: “Fuckk I need to see her right now!!!”

Alice: I go back to my client and suck his cock, letting him cum in my ass.

Alice: I leave the room all dressed, and head out to the hotel lobby.

Jason: I’m right here in the lobby.

Jason: I see you, my jaw drops. “Baby..what are you doing here?”

Jason: “I thought you were in trouble so I tracked your phone.”

Alice: “I’m fine…I’m sorry I scared you,” I say looking down, holding an envelope of cash.

Jason: “Yes, I did cheat on you over two years back.”

Jason: “Is this how you get even?”

Jason: “We are even now?”

Jason: “I can’t believe you did this to me.”

Alice: I look up at you and show you the envelope, “I’m a slut…I get paid for sex,” I say tearing up.

Jason: “What???”

Alice: “He’s my client baby. That’s all,” I say tears rolling down my cheeks.

Jason: “Y-y-y-you are a prostitute?” I stammer hard as a tears roll down my cheeks.

Jason: “W-w-what?! Why!”

Alice: “Yes,” I say, choking up. “I needed the money.”

Alice: “I felt alone…I needed sex..I missed you,” I say, getting emotional.

Jason: “Babeee shhh shhhh.” I hug you hard.

Jason: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

Alice: I hug you tightly and relax in your arms, “I was scared to tell you…I’m a porn star.”

Jason: “Babe, if you needed money you could have asked me. I was right there for you the whole time.”

Alice: I nod my head, “I understand if you don’t wanna see me again.”

Jason: “Hey, hey, hey no, I didn’t say that.”

Jason: “What happened to your old job in IT?”

Alice: “I got fired…”

Jason: “Why did they fire you?”

Alice: “I might have had sex with my boss…we were discovered,” I say looking down, ashamed.

Alice: “I was so lonely.”

Jason: “Oh my god, Alice.” Hugging you tight.

Alice: I hug you tightly.

Jason: “Sshhh. It’s all gonna be all right.”

Jason: “I’m not leaving you this time.”

Alice: I cry against your chest.

Alice: “Thank you baby.”

Jason: “Shhhh shhhh.” I kiss you on your forehead.

Alice: “I’m on the pill baby, so I can’t get pregnant.”

Jason: “No more pills now.”

Jason: “And no more prostitute work.”

Alice: “I’m quitting today.”

Jason: “I love you, okay?”

Alice: “I love you too.”

Alice: Nawwwww Jason.

Alice: Cute.

Jason: That was perfect.

Alice: Wow, that was awesome.

Jason: Same.

Jason: We should do this again, make up new stories.

Alice: Hehe yes.

Disclaimer: All names, characters, businesses, places, and events are fictional unless otherwise specified.