Whether you’ve been together for a while or you’re in an exciting new relationship with your lover, getting in some roleplay always spices up your sex life.

There’s no limit to what you can do when you’re doing roleplay. Here are some great gay roleplay ideas you and your man can try out.

Construction Workers

Think orange vests, hard hats, and nothing else. There are all kinds of tools you can use for props too. This is a great time for some sweat-soaked banging (no pun intended) and even some good, old, harsh paddling.

If you can get some friends over and get them into those vests, the merrier.

Stranger Sex

In the early days of the gay revolution, anonymous hookups were the norm. You saw a hot guy at the gym and, after sharing a few smoldering stares, you end up sharing the shower together.

Thanks to safer sex practices and HIV awareness campaigns, there’s not a lot of stranger sex that goes on anymore. It doesn’t mean you and your man can’t roleplay sexy strangers, though.

You can hit on him while he’s alone at a bar downing a glass of gin and tonic. Perhaps you can meet him at the gym—for old times’ sake. There are no rules here. You have the freedom to go wild with the security of knowing your “mystery” man is someone you know and love.

Sports Teammates

Picture a rookie, naked in the shower, soaping off his glistening body, when the team captain shows up with his, um, sports equipment.

There’s a reason sports porn is one of the most common gay sexual fantasies. There’s something about men in steam-filled showers and sweaty locker rooms that gets the juices flowing.

Coach and Player

Can’t get enough of sports? This coach-and-player scenario brings a little bit more of a dominant/submissive relationship into the scene.

You’re the star of the team who’s played badly. Your coach pulls you aside, saying you need an extra little workout and a bit of discipline. Of course, there’s punishment involved—perhaps a paddling. Because you’ve played very, very badly.

Fraternity Brothers

There’s no denying the brutal appeal of a hazing party that ends up in reckless, unrestricted sex.

But we’re thinking “Animal House” with a gay twist. Think 1970s cardigans and striped fraternity ties over nothing but naked flesh.

Tie up your man or get him to tie you up. It doesn’t matter. Maybe stuff his mouth with a cloth gag and don’t forget to bend him over the old leather armchair.


There’s something arousing about puppies playing, licking, and mounting each other on the carpet. Puppy play is a subset of pet play, where one or both of you pretend to be animals.

You can wear collars, sniff each other, or even “bark” at strangers. If you’re in a dom/sub relationship, you can explore puppy play with one of you being the master. The pup gets to sit when his master tells him to, follow him around on a leash, and if he’s being a good puppy, perhaps he’ll get rewarded with a good bone.


More of a cat person? You might like kitty play.

One of you can be the spoiled, pampered kitty with a pretty little collar and a fabulous velvet pillow to lounge on. The adoring owner can rub and stroke while you drink milk from a saucer or purr against your master.

There’s no end to the imagination for kitty play. You can have cat heads, cattails, even a full-blown latex catsuit.

Pony Rider

Take pet play to the next level with horse play. It’s got a little bit of everything—a hint of animal attraction, a lot of leather, and dom/sub relationships.

Horse play is huge in the gay community because who doesn’t like having a semi-naked cowboy riding you? You can get leather chaps, a saddle, and maybe even a horsetail butt plug.

The Takeaway

You can choose your favorite gay sex scenarios and switch them up as you go. Whatever gets your kink on gets you a long way toward keeping your relationship fun and exciting.