Couple sex chats can spice up your sex life, especially if you’re single and you want to play around but you’re not ready for the real thing just yet. Joining a free couple sex chat is one of the funnest things you can do.

Sex chats can induce whole other levels of pleasure that you never thought you’d experience, especially if you haven’t done it before. If you haven’t had a threesome and you’re scared to do it, you might want to opt for a couple sex chat first to get a feel of how it works. Sex chatting will also help you see if threesomes are something you really want to explore.

In this post, we will share with you some tips about joining a couple on sex chat for the first time.

1. Decide on the type of couple live sex chat you want to join

To have a good experience in a couple live sex chat, you need to be clear about the type of chat you’re ready for. For instance, do you want to join a man and a woman, two men, or a gender-fluid couple?

Whatever gender dynamic you choose, it’s crucial to consider your desires. Ask yourself. Do you want to be dominated? Do you want to dominate? Do you want to explore a different side of your sexuality?

By taking the time to decide on the type of couple sex chat you want, you’ll be able to determine which type of couple sex chat to get into.

2. Talk to friends who’ve done it

If you have some friends who’ve tried sex chatting with a couple online, it’s a good idea to talk to them. Ask them about the experience, how they feel about it, and if they have any tips for you.

Talking about this is always fun. Protip: It’ll be less awkward if you do it over drinks. If you don’t know anyone who’s done it, you can also check online resources.

There are many websites and platforms you can join for free to dive deeper into the world of threesomes. You can learn a lot of things that will surprise you, which might even excite you even more to try it for yourself.

3. Consider joining a dating app

Dating apps can serve as a warm-up before you dive deeper into the world of threesomes. Here, you can explore potential matches and see what’s out there.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. A lot of people on the app are looking for relationships, but there’s also a huge number of users looking for sex. You can even find a lot of couples there who are looking for a playmate.

Of course, there are plenty of other dating apps you can explore based on your preferences.

4. Make everyone feel comfortable

Sure, you’re the third person in the group, but you also need to do your part to make everyone feel comfortable. Make an effort to connect with the couple and make sure that everyone’s into it.

Get to know each other first before you dive into the sex stuff. You don’t want to join a couple that you don’t want to be part of. By doing so, you can get a feel of the chemistry between the three of you, both emotionally and sexually.

It’s important for everyone to be interested in one another for the sex chat to become a great experience.

5. Give compliments

Don’t shy away from giving words of encouragement. Compliment the couple. Send praises in voice chat if you can. Don’t be shy with your words. It might be a bit weird at first, but it gets easier especially if you’re sending genuine compliments.

6. Take the lead

Just because you’re “single” doesn’t mean you can’t call the shots. Ask the couple to describe what they’d like you to do, then lead them with your words. Don’t hesitate to add fantasies of your own into the conversation. Turn it steamy by telling them in the most detailed words possible what you’re imagining the three of you are going to do.

7. Set boundaries

You may still have some reservations, and that’s normal. Setting boundaries is important. You shouldn’t hesitate to discuss the things you will and will not do. And the discussion needs to take place before the sex chat itself.

If you don’t have clear boundaries, it’s easy to get in too deep and have the rules tossed out the window. Creating boundaries and sticking to them are important to prevent post-threesome regret.

Protip: Establish a safe word to prevent things from getting overwhelming.

8. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Communication is essential. Before the threesome chat, get to know each other as much as you can. Ask about what they like, don’t like, and would rather not even communicate about. You should also feel that you’re part of the whole thing. Otherwise, it won’t make sense having a couple chat.

But what does it mean to communicate? It doesn’t just mean talking about yourself. It also means being a good listener and engaging with the couple.

9. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty

Sex chatting should be fun, so don’t be afraid to talk dirty while you’re at it. It can be awkward at first, but dirty talk is a great way to arouse anyone you’re chatting with. And when people are aroused, they become more suggestive and open to things they’ve never tried before. Check out some of our best tips for getting the most out of dirty talk.

10. Manage your expectations

Not all sex chats will turn out 100% perfect. Things don’t always go as planned. So manage your expectations. You can’t expect a perfectly smooth ride. That’s why communication is vital. But you should understand that, no matter what you do or how prepared you think you are, things may not always go as planned.

And should you not enjoy the threesome, at least you know better now not to do it again. And you can learn from your mistakes so you don’t commit them again in the future.

11. Focus on pleasing everybody

Okay, I’m not saying you do this the entire time. You need to be pleased as well.

What I mean by this is you have to focus on pleasing both partners instead of fixating on one person more than the other.

Make a conscious effort to attend to everyone involved. Otherwise, resentments can form. Give pleasure to everyone equally. There are only good things that can happen from this since both partners will be so willing to give back to you.

12. Check in with the couple

Threesomes, even via chat, can cause new emotions to come to the surface after the whole thing is over. Things can change once you’re actually in the act of a threesome.

It’s a good idea to talk to the couple after the whole thing and discuss how everybody felt. This is a great thing to do especially if the couple are your friends. Make sure they’re still comfortable and there are no hurt feelings among the three of you.

Avoid These Misconceptions

We’ve just gone through some of the tips to keep in mind when you’re about to join a couple sex chat for the first time. Now, here are some misconceptions you should know about as well:

Misconception: You’ll know what to do.

Truth: Even online, it may be difficult to know exactly what to do. Expect that there will be moments when you’ll be unsure of where to jump in and how to react. Since it’s your first time, be patient and just let yourself be vulnerable.

Misconception: It’s only a fantasy for men.

Truth: Many think, most specifically women, that couple sex chats and threesomes are only the fantasies of men. The truth is, it can be anyone’s fantasy. Don’t put fantasies and desires down to a specific gender because of the stuff that’s being stereotyped by porn.


Are you ready to have your first-ever couple sex chat? The experience may be overwhelming and scary at first, but when you truly take the time to prepare, things will go as smoothly as possible.

Make sure you prepare yourself before joining. That way, you will be more confident once you’re in the room and you’re with the couple. Also, don’t get too personal. As much as possible, keep the conversations light and stick to the sex chat. Make sure not to send any photos or videos of yourself for the sake of your privacy.

Couple sex chats are harmless fun and they will leave you wanting more. When you get down to it, everybody will be happy! Get to know more about sex chats here.