When you want to join adult chat rooms, keep in mind that you can’t just sit there and wait for your chat partner to do everything for you. You gotta put in some effort if you want to guarantee yourself a great experience.

If you’re new to cam sites, you might be shocked to know there are some things expected of you, the horny viewer. Here are 10 things you need to keep in mind to keep yourself from being booted out of a sexy cam room.

1. Vote for Your Favorite Adult Cam Room Girl

Many cam sites host camming contests where you can vote for your favorite girl. The winners receive cash prizes that serve to augment their income.

If you want to show your favorite model that you appreciate her and what she does for you, you can join these contests by voting for her. After all, her work to satisfy you doesn’t come easy, so voting is the least you can do.

Besides, the more you help her win, the more she’s going to love you for it. Everyone knows cam girls are super generous when it comesto showing love for their biggest fans.

2. Follow the Ladies on Social Media

You don’t have to limit your support inside the cam room. Your favorite cam girls have a presence on social media as well.

They’re mostly on Twitter, but some of the most marketing-savvy ladies also know how to make their way around Instagram despite its prudish policy on nudity.

Connecting with them outside the cam room gives you a more personal relationship. There’s just something different about engaging with a cam girl on Twitter over comments than simply watching her masturbate in the free video chat rooms.

When you do go back to the cam site, she’ll be far more likely to treat you as a king instead of someone who just pays to see her play with herself.

3. Ask for Favors Nicely

Be nice and polite. You’re having an erotic chat with a person, not trying to jack off to a porn video.

If you want someone to do sexual favors for you, ask respectfully. No cam girl is going to take off their bra for you if you keep demanding it over chat. Moreso, no cam girl is going to pay attention to you unless your request comes with a nice big tip or gift.

When it comes to cam rooms, it’s always the nice guys who get what they want.

4. Get the Lovense Sex Toy App for Adult Chat Rooms

Many cam girls have a Lovense vibrator to make it more fun for you and for themselves. If you download the Lovense app to your phone, you can practically take complete control of her experience.

The app lets you set the sex toy’s vibrations even if you’re halfway across the world. If you want to start with a light tease to get her in the mood, there’s a control for that. If you want to make her scream, you can heighten the pleasure simply by adjusting the controls. It’s like you’re actually right next to her giving her the time of her life.

5. Don’t Send Explicit Sex Messages

You don’t want to offend anyone, especially the girls themselves, so if you’re not given permission to talk dirty to someone, keep it shut.

Unless you’re paying for a private show and the model herself has clearly given consent to receiving explicit sex messages—they usually do if it’s a private show—stay polite and respectful.

Cam girls are free to kick out and even block anyone who uses offensive language against them. Everyone here’s looking for sex, but that doesn’t give you a free pass to use foul language. And just because you’re anonymous doesn’t mean you can say whatever you like.

The best cam sites have stringent safety and security features in place to keep their models safe from foul-mouthed creeps.

6. Talk about Your Day

It might seem like an odd thing to do, but you need to show a normal side of you. Yes, this a free fetish chat room, but that doesn’t make you any less human than the next person.

Cam girls like men who take the time to bare themselves and get to know the other person first. You may be after “just sex” but “just sex” is so much better when you can do it with a person you can connect with.

7. Sign Up with Adult-Friendly Payment Processors

If you want to pay for premium access, make sure you sign up with an adult-friendly payment processor. Mainstream processors such as PayPal and Venmo don’t have good relationships with adult sites, but you have many other options to choose from, such as:

8. Don’t Press for Discounts

Let’s say you’re itching for a private show. You spot a girl who’s ready to take you in one, but her price is a bit high. What do you do?

Nothing. You pay for it!

You can ask for discounts, but you won’t get anything. It’s not enjoyable for cam girls to perform for guys who shortchange them. Plus, you’ll probably get blocked if you always keep asking for discounts.

Being turned down once politely is enough. You don’t have to wait to be turned down another time. If you’re old enough to join a cam site, you are old enough to afford to pay the models in full.

9. No Rude Comments

Leaving rude comments in the chat box won’t take you anywhere. Enjoy the show and let others enjoy it as well. Whether you frequently visit sexy lesbian chat rooms, couple rooms, adult fetish chat rooms, or cam rooms featuring straight women—whatever you prefer—always be respectful.

You want your experience to be as pleasurable as possible. You don’t just have to find the right platform and a great girl to go with it. You also need to put in effort to be a great person to chat with.

10. Tip Her!

Most cam girls simply want to make you happy, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing this for free. Cam girls make a living from helping you enjoy yourself, and they expect you to return the favor by giving her tips and gifts.

If you want your favorite girl to do something—i.e. show her boobs, do a lap dance, or whip out her Lovense—you’ll have to ask nicely. And asking nicely involves a big, juicy, generous tip. She’ll be more than happy to accept it, and she’ll be more likely to give in to your requests because she remembers you as a generous tipper.


It’s natural to be intimidated when you first go to a cam site. There are plenty of myths surrounding what cam girls do, and it pays to educate yourself before you go ahead and demand for things they don’t want to do. If you want to enjoy yourself, be a gentleman and practice treating a woman nicely. Yes, that’s how simple it is. What they teach you to do in the “real world” is what you also need to do in the cam rooms.