How to sext a lesbian? That’s probably at the top of your mind right now that’s why you’re here. Well, you’ve landed on the right page.

There’s something about sexting that makes it so exciting—maybe it’s the fact that you can talk dirty to your partner in the middle of a boring family gathering; or maybe that your imagination does all the work. Whatever it is, it’s a fun, stress-relieving activity that can bring you and your girlfriend closer.

Unfortunately, no one’s born a sexting pro—most people find themselves stumbling and fumbling. But there’s still hope. After all, anything is possible with the right mindset and support system. That’s why we came up with this how-to guide and lesbian sext examples. With these ten lesbian sexting tips, you’ll enter the realm of hot lesbian sexting in no time.

The golden rule of sex applies to sexting as well—no means no. You may be dying for a hot chatting session, but if your girl isn’t, then it’s best to put it off for another time. After all, the point of sexting is to have fun, and it’s not fun if one side isn’t fully into it.

And how do you find out if your partner consents? Simply asking them would do the trick. You can openly text “Are you in the mood for sexting?” or you can be more subtle and ask if she’d like to see what you’re wearing. Never just send her a nude out of nowhere—you don’t know where she is or who she’s with.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might be more in tune with your partner. In that case, you don’t have to be so explicit when asking for consent. Still, don’t assume she’s always willing just because it’s something you regularly do. If you sense she’s not following your lead, don’t push it.

How to sext lesbian tip #2: Talk dirty to her

There’s one big difference between sexting and sex—the physical aspect. During sex, you can squeeze, kiss and lick; when sexting, you can do all that too, but only through words. That’s why you have to be extra creative when it comes to lesbian sex talk.

Don’t shy away from being dirty. Tell her where you’ll put your tongue or what she should do with her fingers. It could even be something neither of you would ever do in reality—the only thing that matters is that it turns you on. Be as specific as you can be. After all, sexting is all about imagination, and the more details you give, the more vivid the picture will be.

How to sext lesbian tip #3: Use lesbian sexting quotes as a crutch

We get it—sexting can be pretty awkward at first. If you’re not used to it, you might not know what to say or how to express yourself. Like most things, sexting takes a bit of practice, and there’s nothing wrong with using quotes and lesbian sexting examples you find online to help you.

But as you get to know yourself and your partner better, you should start doing whatever works best for the two of you. Trust us, it’s much more fun that way!

How to sext lesbian tip #4: Details about your partner matter

Maybe your girlfriend smiles in a certain way, or maybe she recently changed her shampoo so her hair smells different. Take note of these details and use them while sexting—you’ll show her that you pay attention to her, and that will boost her confidence. A confident partner is a sexy partner, so your sexting session is bound to get steamy!

How to sext lesbian tip #5: Mind your language but don’t settle for words only

Sure, some girls like to be described in crude terms and called names, but others may find that a huge turn-off. And while you might think “boobs” is a perfectly good word for breasts, your girlfriend could find it funny rather than sexy.

To avoid potential awkward moments, find out what kind of language your sexting partner prefers. Usually, the easiest way is to ask, but you’ll also be able to gauge a lot from her reactions.

But, of course, words aren’t the only thing you have when sexting. Your smartphone can do so much more than that, and it would be a shame not to use it to its full potential.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, emojis might be around 500, which is still a lot more than you can write in a text. Feel free to use them, but be wise about it. Too many can make your sexts feel juvenile and silly, and that’s definitely not a turn-on.

On the other hand, you can be generous with photos and videos. Even voice notes can add a lot to sexting—you can record some of your reactions to her dirty messages.

How to sext lesbian tip #6: Don’t just talk dirty

You might think that dirty talk is the essence of good sexting, but there’s so much more to the seduction game than that. Don’t just be dirty—be alluring, enticing, playful and teasing. It’s more interesting to switch things up a bit than to stick to only one style of sexting. And besides, this way both you and your girlfriend could find a new favorite style!

Sexting is also the perfect opportunity to explore your alter egos. For a few hours you can become a hot French model trying to land a gig by sending provocative pictures or an inexperienced young woman waiting to be seduced. Not only is roleplaying fun, but it can help you overcome any awkwardness you might be feeling. Let your imagination run wild!

How to sext lesbian tip #7: Ask questions

There will be moments when you’ll feel a little stuck and won’t know how to respond. Don’t despair—it’s not only your responsibility to keep the sexting session going. Ask your girlfriend to tell you more about what she’s going to do to you. It will give you just enough time to think of what to say next and it won’t interrupt the flow of the conversation.

How to sext lesbian tip #8: Be focused

You probably prefer sexting with a partner who is present and focused. Well then, that’s the same treatment your partner deserves. Pay attention to what she’s saying and respond to it, answer on time and don’t forget to show enthusiasm, especially when nudes are involved.

Communication is key when sexting lesbian partners

Learning how to lesbian sext won’t happen overnight. But with these lesbian sexting ideas, you will become a pro in sexting in no time! But don’t forget—open communication with your partner is the most important part of any sexual activity. Talking about what you like may not seem hot to you when you’re in the mood for a sexting session. But trust us, it makes things so much more satisfying in the long run.

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