Tutorial and FAQ

Chat Page

After selecting a chat room and selecting your gender, you'll find yourself on the chat page (the link here is for a female chatting in the #ifap chatroom). This is the most frequently used page on the site.

Choose your Nickname

On the chat page, you'll see a form to choose your nickname:

Your nickname, also called a "nick", is the name you'll use in the chatroom. Best practice is to select something that will entice other users to talk to you and is self descriptive, but does not give away personal information (that is to say, you want to remain anonymous).

You can choose to be remembered by giving an email address. It's not required though, you can chat but your nickname won't be remembered when you come back so you'll have to type it in again. This is just a convenience for regular chatters.

Join the Chatroom

After you choose your nickname, you'll see something like this:

This is the chatroom application. It has 3 parts:

Chat Window

The chat window is the main box on the left side. It displays all messages sent to a particular conversation. Conversations can pe public, as shown in the image above. These are also known as channels. Private conversation chat messages are also displayed in the chat window.

Tabs will be shown across the top of the chat application if you are having multiple conversations, and you can click on the tabs to switch between conversations.

User List

The user list is on the right side of the chat application and it is scrollable.

Start a Private Chat (PM, Private Message)

To open a new private conversation, you can either wait for someone to message you, or you can pick someone from the user list. In either case, a new tab will open at the top of the chat application with the person you chose to chat with.

If you see a name you want to private chat with, click it. This opens a menu and you can choose "PM" for private message. It will open a new tab to start a private conversation with that user. Be aware that all conversations can be logged, so please do not disclose personal information. You can read more about this on our terms of use and privacy policy page.

What do the Nick Colors Mean?

The color of a chatter's nick depends on what gender they chose:

Text Entry Box

At the bottom of the chat application you find there is a box where you can type some text. If do that and hit return, it will send a message to the live chat. You can use the text entry box for chatting, and also for sending commands to the chat application.

Command Reference

/register: Register your Nick

One of the most useful commands is registers your nick. This associates a password with your nickname so that other people cannot impersonate you - it makes it for your use only. To register a nick, you need to specify a password and an email address. The command is like this:
/ns register password email.

When you come back later and enter the chatroom, you'll need to provide the password you chose earlier to use your registered nick. To do that, you type:
/ns identify password.


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